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Found 4 results

  1. VW LUPO E FOR SALE I am personally very fond of my VW Lupo (Abbey) as she was a very reliable easy to get along with first car and if I could I would keep her but with my current circumstance I just cant. she has become a bit of a project car in her old age as she is now 16 years old and I unfortunately don't have the time or the money to spend on getting her back to new but saying that she wouldn't take much to get back on the road and I myself used to enjoy many a sunny afternoon with the sunshine roof open cruising along. Abbey is free to anyone who wants a project car as I would like her to be back on the road again instead of being scrapped or used for parts so a person with good intentions needed and welcome to come and take a look. at the moment the only known issues that Abbey has is her passenger door currently doesn't work from the inside but I have read that is a common fault among Lupo. We also think she has a problem with her gear selector. otherwise she was perfectly fine got me to and from Silverstone and even got me to the coast. New MOT and service needed (Passed her last one) Mileage 85,712 Yellow Lupo E 999cc 1.0 litre SORN Free New Re-conditioned Alternator New battery Replaced starter motor Replaced HT leads spark plugs and ignition coil New Tyres if you are interested in having a look please contact me! Miss Naomi Wilson
  2. craig182182


  3. Having recently searched for a guide on changing the fuel filter on a 1.0MPI Lupo and not finding one I thought I would throw together this little guide based on one I found for a polo. Apologies if there is one out there and I've missed it Its not the hardest of tasks but sometimes its useful to have a few pictures and steps. - First step is to either jack the rear of the car up and support it on axle stands or roll the rear wheels onto a set of ramps / sturdy wood blocks. Though not 100% necessary even another couple of inches clearance will make this task a lot easier. - Unplug the fuel pump, This can either be done by removing the fuse in the fuse box, or unplugging it from under the rear seats. - Next run start the car up and run it until it stalls, removing as much fuel as possible from the fuel lines. - finally loosen the fuel filler cap to release excess pressure - Look under the back of the car just next to the read drivers side wheel (UK), you will see this little beast clipped into its bracket. - Give the screw a heavy coating of WD40 and go and make a brew whilst it soaks in - Unfortunately for me the screw head was well beyond functioning so I had to dremmel a new slot into it. (Remember to have a suitable fire extinguisher on hand when doing any cutting near fuel lines) - A good tip when dealing with dodgy / corroded screws is to use a rubber band in between the screw head and screw driver - http://lifehacker.com/5462520/remove-a-stripped-screw-with-a-rubber-band#c18998275 - Now the fuel filter is free you should be able to drop it down out of its bracket - Press in the small button on the fuel line clip and pull the fuel lines off the filter. Expect a bit of fuel remaining in the filter to flow out when undoing the lines. Not entirely sure what the white clips that came with the filter are, couldn't see a part like them in my fuel line fittings... possibly for a variant model or Seat. New screw and washer, ideally would have liked a hex head / allen head bolt but this will have to. - Finally ensuring the arrows on the filter are pointing in the correct direction (Forward in my case) push both of the fuel line clips back onto filter. you should feel a good click when correctly installed. - Pop the filter back into its bracket and tighten up the screw, I also applied a good coat of vaseline to the screw head to make it easier to replace in later years when I forget i'm not driving my diesel polo and fill it up with derv. - Plug the fuel pump back in, replace the cover, and tighten up the fuel filler cap, and give it a crank over, it should fire up after 2 or 3 attempts! Disclaimer: This guide is not an official guide, and though a fairly easy task if you are not sure about anything make sure you ask for help.
  4. After a 121mile each way I finally picked up a Sport as I've been after one for a couple weeks. It's not exactly in the best condition body-wise as the previous owner's ex girlfriend kicked in both rear 1/4s, boot, bonnet and a wing. But I got it quite cheap My mate had hardly used pads and discs off his polo gti so I decided to fit them but the discs were too thick!! Bought some standard discs in the end but still used the green stuff Mods: - Coilovers (not sure what they are but theyre comfy) - K&N Air filter - Catback system Plans: - Replace engine - Make the car mechanically sound - Sort out bodywork - 15" Ronal Turbo's
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