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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone with a Lupo GTI ever had creaking or rattles or any noise coming from the rear that they've managed to source? Ever since I've had the car I haven't been able to deduce where the noises are coming from. It's probably a bit pointless describing them but one's like a dull rattle which I thought I'd sorted by securing the number plate lights better but it's still there. Then there's a creak which maybe comes from the back of the rear seat. The exhaust is free and never knocks. I can't see anything loose near the battery or tyre inflator etc.
  2. Hi there, I need help with a very loud and distressing wheel speed noise. It's there wether in gear or not, only with the wheels turning. Clutching has no effect on it. It sounds, as far as I can tell (and a couple of different passengers) to be coming from the front passenger side wheel, with some vibration noticeable through the foot well. I've had the front up and listened with a Dowell while the wheels are driving, and the gearbox and drivers side knuckle make a kind of sshsshssh noise which I would associate with dry or very slightly worn bearings. While the passenger side knuckle makes a crunchy clunkey noise. Thing is that I've now changed the p side bearing twice, and the knuckle (I scragged the original) and drive shaft with no definite change. having done the bearing both times found the hub nut not tightened all the way after a few miles, despite Having wound the Bearing in with a puller and torqued up the nut. Car is 2001, 115k and the noise was audible but mild 10k ago and now is incredibly insistent. I need Help as I'm about to drive from Somerset to Wales, towing 700k, and don't want a failure on route. Or a catastrophic gearbox failure. And would love to take it to 200+k I guess I'm asking what it might be, or what I did wrong fitting the bearings to cause them to fail prematurely (10's or hundreds of miles) fag bearings All help greatly appreciated, any questions just ask. I could make a recording but when I have the exhaust shielding rattle and console squeak largely drowns it out. Thanking you kindly, Joshhert
  3. Anybody have any experience with tentioners and belts? When the cars ticking over there's a whining noise coming from somewhere in the engine bay and gets worse when you add revs! I thought it could be belt tensioner? Like **** bearings or something but wanted to be sure before ordering the part! If anyone has had any experience with something for like this and can help I'll be very grateful! Cheers ??
  4. Hi All, in need of some assistance, started getting a noise coming front my front left wheel. Hard to describe, it seems to happen once per turn and at low speeds sounds like the brakes are catching like a low squeak noise but as speed increases it gets higher pitched and sounds like a bird chirping. I had pads and discs changed, still the same noise, took it back to the garage they said it needed caliper retaining clips and some bushes £100 incl labour, left the garage noise still there. Took it back again, this time they said wheel bearing, £40 incl labour after I argued that id unnecessarily paid for retaining clips and bushes. Took it away, no noise, happy days. A few miles down the road and the noise was back, albeit not quite as loud as before. So before I take it back for a 4th time I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I'm wondering if its the brake hose, noise always seems to get worse the more I drive, could a dodgy hose be causing the caliper to stick as it doesn't let the fluid leave once I take my foot off the brake? Would this get worse the more I drive and then correct itself if left to sit for a while? The last time I took my car to the garage it was there 2 days and when I first got in no noise at all, I'm thinking being sat for 2 days may have allowed all the fluid to leave the brake which I why it was silent. If the caliper is sticking would it sound like it was only catching once per turn as I said or would it be more of a constant noise? Getting no pull at all, just a really annoying noise. Any help would be much appreciated, dont want to keep chucking money in for random parts as its already set me back £350 in total and still the same noise. Cheers guys
  5. Need some advice..My car the last couple of weeks has been making a weird owl like noise.It comes and goes.When i slow down it stops. It,s not constant and the car feels normal to drive it,s just literally driving me crazy! Any ideas what i can do? Or what it can be.. Thank you
  6. hey guys, my front wheel bearing is making a god awful racket. i think its the front passenger bearing. I've heard that changing them can be a bit of a job, is it better to replace the bearing or buy a new hub with the bearing already in? Also, if its easier to buy a hub, any ideas where from? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam Picture of the car if anyone is interested http://i.imgur.com/FkF2yq3.jpg
  7. My TDi is making a vibration noise that can be felt at idle and is even more noticeable when pulling away. At first I thought it was an engine mount but it seems to be more of a running problem. I think it may be an injection problem, maybe gunked up if not a balancing issue. I have a new gear, chain and tensioner kit for the balance shaft to go on
  8. my lupo as been sat for 4 months and recently after starting it and getting it ready for the road, after a while of the engine been running a horrible high pitched noise appears, anybody got any idea how i can fix the problem? thanks by the way i have a lupo 1.4s
  9. The rubber washer on the passenger check strap is worn through so it's clunking Drivers door has dropped so I'm thinking pins(?) can anyone help on first steps new check strap? new washer (seen the layered shrink wrap version)? new door pins? should I replace all round? Is there and stronger than OEM door hinges made for lupos
  10. Hi, i'm new to the forum and was hoping to get some help on a few problems i'm having on my arosa. The Car: Mk1 'T' reg arosa, 1 litre, 95,000 miles have been noticing a wearing / whining noise coming from the gearbox when gearing down into first or second but didn't think anything of it and now the whining is happening between 30 and 70 in fifth. The noise disappears when i put the clutch down, so i suspect its something to do with the clutch or gearbox; have changed the gearbox oil but has made no difference. And have check the wheel bearing and all seems good. My brother had a 6n2 1 litre polo which made a similar noise and turned out it was the thrust release bearing on the clutch, could that be the same problem? Has anyone had the same problem or could shed some light on it? Thanks.
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