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Found 6 results

  1. Hi , i bought a sport about 3/4 weeks ago, and last friday lost some power when coming home from work. Turns out cylinder 1 is misfireing, changed the plugs and leads and had no luck , i tried a few used coil packs and none of them fixed the issue. The car was loosing coolant but doesn't seem to burn any, no mayo on oil cap, if the car runs for 5 mins it struggles to start again or at all. A lot of white smoke is coming out of the crank breather that goes to the air filter, and a lot of oil on the filter. any ideas? Could it be the head gasket or something else? Like rings or valves? cheers
  2. Hello! I bought VW Lupo 1,4 16V engine AUA when I moved to the UK and it was a couple of month ago. I have a problem with the car. VCDS shows that there is a misfire in cylinder #1, but a very strange misfire. It only appears in the mornings and when the car is absolutely cold. It starts around 900-800 rpm and goes away when the engine is hot (but after erasing DTC) I changed a spark plug, ignition leads, ignition module, detonation sensor, temperature sensor. Compression is good. Manifold is checked, everything is checked and not only by me. I took the car to a several garages, nobody can find the reason. I'm really frustrated and don't know what to do. There are no errors except this one: Chassis Type: 6X (6X - VW Lupo (1998 > 2006)) Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 17 19 25 35 37 44 45 55 56 VIN: WVWZZZ6XZ1W050738 Mileage: 73210km-45490miles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine Labels: 036-906-034-APE.lbl Part No: 036 906 034 AR Component: MARELLI 4LV 3634 Coding: 00003 Shop #: WSC 01236 VCID: 62D3BD03244F412269B4ECD-4B4C WVWZZZ6XZ1W050738 VWZ1Z0Y1005454 1 Faults Found: 16685 - Cylinder 1 P0301 - 35-00 - Misfire Detected I also checked EGR Valve and cleaned the EGR pipe, though it was relatively clean. {Please, help me, maybe somebody has an idea or had smth similar. Thanks
  3. Hey Ive been on this forum for a while and never made an account so I finally decided to and I'm stuck so I'm hoping somebody can help me? (I will be making a thread about my story of my lupos and now this arosa, I have a misfire problem on my 04 1.4 Arosa S and I would appreciate suggestions on how to fix it.. Steps I have taken so far are; Changed HT Leads Changed Spark Plugs Changed Coilpack i have also tried disconnecting the battery and waiting to remove the engine management light and it worked and the car seemed a lot better but then it came back flashing disappeared again then came back and stuck and I'm back to square one all advise is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi there, Had a look around the forum and couldn't seem to find a topic relating to this so apologies if its a duplicate question. Having a few misfiring problems and after inspecting the engine bay the HT leads and coilpack look like they have seen better days. My current unit has "BERU 0 040 402 003" stamped on it but a breakers nearby has a working unit out of an almost identical (from what I can tell) Lupo stamped "TEMIC 032 905 106B" so I suppose my question is are these interchangable or do they possess different circuitry? I'm hoping they are just from two different suppliers but work in the same way as physically they look identical in terms of size and fitment. Anyone who can shed any light on this would be of great help! Thanks for reading.
  5. I had it fixed, was simply a case of a faulty ECU.
  6. Right lads, bit of an issue regarding a misfire. About a month ago I spun out and went into some bushes. Car got shaken about but no cosmetic damage at all. Afterwards however, the car was only running on 2 cylinders and the EPC light came on. I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and light stayed out. The EML light has been on ever since I bought the car. Now though, whenever I use full throttle the car misfires and only runs on 2 cylinders. The car only misfires when full throttle is applied. Any ideas? Cheers
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