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Found 13 results

  1. Hey so I have a 1998 VW Lupo , this being my first car I want to add a few changes etc etc. Any got any ideas how I change the wing mirrors from that manual thing to electric wing mirrors ? and if any suggestions where I could get parts quickly for a good price it would be much appreciated. many thanks , Josh
  2. I'm looking for a pair of Lupo door mirrors. Condition is not important, as long as the black base part that fixes to the door is in okay condition. The rest can smashed, cracked or broken, it doesn't matter. Hopefully someone has something that would normally be chucked away. Thanks.
  3. Hi im wondering if anyone on here can offer me any advice. Ive recently purchased a 2004 lupo tdi sport as my first car. BUT the plastic wing mirror casing has been knocked off whilst the previous owner had it. It is not cracked or broken, just been knocked off. I cannot find any answers anywhere, and it has been taped temporarily. Does anyone have a more permanent solution? Thankyou
  4. Hi I am after a replacement wing mirror for my Lupo Gti preferably in Silver so I don't have to respray. Please let me know if anybody knows of one. Thanks
  5. Hey there, I know the wing mirrors are different sizes already for passenger and drivers side. My drivers side took a battering and got hit, looking at replacing it... Now if I was to buy a drivers side "stubby" mirror, are they the same size as the standard passenger side mirror, or would I have to buy a pair of "stubby" mirrors. Cheers
  6. Hi guys I've just bought a Lupo 1.0E for my first car and i just trying to find a few bits which are missing for it. I have located most parts that i need like door locking pins and rear drivers side molding but I am in desperate need of both my manual mirror adjustment knobs, i have spent ages trying to find which are the original adjusters for my Lupo. If anyone can give a decent picture of them or a link to somewhere i can get some please that would be great. Many thanks
  7. Unfortunately some tit has smashed the casing off my OS wing mirror. looking on ebay they have very few lupo replacements that are pre-painted, most come primed. however they do have pre painted ones for a mk4 golf. someone told me that the mk4 golf mirror casing is identical to the OS lupo casing. can anyone confirm if this is true? Cheers!
  8. I need drivers door mirror due to recent collision - the mirror base is still in tact but cover and mirror are broken as is the remote lever connection: pref need in black but could paint it is suppose. anyone have a spare? or Breaking up? ideas for best place to source? Thanks guys Colin
  9. just brought my 1st car which is a volkswagen lupo E 1.0L. am over the moon with it but was just wondering if anyone knew why the passenger wing mirror is a bit smaller than the drivers wing mirror? is this standard for all lupos? cheers
  10. Hello I have a W reg Lupo (2000) with a 1.0 engine. I currently need a drivers side mirror fast and have had lots of trouble finding one. Then I read a suggestion to look at German Ebay and have found manual right side mirrors galore. A couple of examples are below. Would any one advise against getting one of these, or have a mirror with all the fittings there for me? Kindest wishes to all, Pippa
  11. Hi I'm looking for either a standard black mirror (manual NOT electric) OR a set of driver and passenger side mirrors which are blue to colour match my 1.0le Blue Lupo... please reply ASAP! It has to be complete which wire and everything as I smashed mine up
  12. Genuine OEM Euro Spec Stubby Drivers Mirror. Matches your UK Spec passenger one, in dark green metallic (no idea of paintcode) , is used so does have some minor marks to it, but is complete with glass/internal arm/plastic covers. Available to be posted ASAP. £50 delivered to your door. Any questions please ask
  13. anyone have a idea how much these are from vw? or is there anywere else i could get one? thanks
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