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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, everybody! I'm quite the new beginner when it comes to what's going on under the hood of a car, so it's been quite hard finding topics referring to my problem, since I don't know what the parts do or are called. Although, worth mentioning is that I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I prefer hands on learning. So here's my story: I've owned my Lupo for almost two years now and I've had a few problems during this time. Nothing big though and it's always run smoothly. The car has gone 210 000 km, which is about 130 000 miles, so it's probably on the bad side of the human 50's, I guess, considering physical condition, of course. About two months ago I lost my acceleration, basically. At first I thought that the car was a bit slow but then I reached "Åby-backen", which is a steep slope on the freeway, outside my hometown "Norrköping" and found that going uphill I could reach a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). I got passed by lorries and in order not to piss people off I had to stay at that speed for the rest of the ride. So, this is the state that my Lupo is in atm. I cracked up the hood and found some leads as to what was causing the turbo, I suppose, not to work. I'll show you what I'm talking about in some pictures but here's also a short text description. A major oil spillage revealed that a quite thick pipe had sprung loose. So I cleaned the engine quickly, jammed the pipe back in jumped in the car and drove off. Now everything was smooth sailing once again. But I was quite suspicious and rightfully so. I thought to myself that it shouldn't be that easy. Of course I wanted to try the acceleration off for real and here's where it happened. The pipe sprung loose once again and I could hear how the engine started to, I dunno how to put it but, roar in an unsatisfying way and I lost my acceleration once again. Now I thought that the problem was that the pipe was old and worn out so I made a Donald Duck kind of repair and used a pair of straps to fasten the pipe again. This worked for a few days but somehow it doesn't any longer. It's quite tight but still the pipe is pushed out. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with pressure rather than a screwed up pipe. Sorry for the long post. I hope you can look past that and help me in finding a solution to my problem. Thank you! Pictures> If you need to see more pictures just say and I'll post what you need.
  2. Hello all Second post of the day, but i felt this one was necessary. i feel as though a "how to" is pretty useless for those who find things easier with pictures. This post is for those who find their bonnet release levers to loose. it seems to be a common problem on lupos and there isn't really a detailed "how to" so here it is. 1. first what you wanna do is push the mysterious "square button" at the back of the lever in or you can lever it out with a flat head screw driver. this button is actually a retainer clip as you can see in the pics. 2. once you have pushed or removed see button/clip, the handle should come straight off. 3. remove the panel screw 4. the whole panel should slide back and away. 5. once the panel is removed you will be able to see the bonnet release mechanism. remove this will the two screws you can see all of what i am describing in the attached pictures. 6. once you have remove the two strew and have the mechanism just attached to only the bonnet release cable you can flip it around and see a screw coming out the other side (it holds the pivot point on). tighten see screw i have shown the screw driver bit size in a pictures as well. 7. once its as tight as you like put it back in place and put the two screws back in. on the far screw the loom may get in the way just push it towards the firewall gently until the screw is replaced and tightened. (I'm saying gently because plugs can get brittle over time and its not worth even the slight risk of damaging one) 8. put the panel on in the opposite direction you took it off being sure to make the two alignment clips go where they supposed to. 9. tighten the cross head panel screw 10. put the retaining clip into the grooves of the handle (see pics for more details) 11. replace handle in the downward position ( how the handle sits when not being used. If you have done this right then there shouldn't be any more rattling and the whole thing should feel less like its about to snap when used. i hope this has helped at least someone out there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/106892742@N02/sets/72157637048562104/ if an administrator could pin this in the "how to" section that would be awesome. caio.
  3. Hi all. First post. Just bought a Raven Blue 2002 Lupo GTi with leather and aircon. Very happy with it. Just trying to sort a few niggles and one is the cowling around the instrument cluster is a bit loose. It knocks when going over bumps etc. Is this something anyone has seen? I was just going to find some rubber strip to wedge in or something like that, but was wondering what others had done. Cheers.
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