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Found 7 results

  1. Having an issue with the stereo not powering on at all. Tried 2 different stereos, neither work in the GTI but both do in the polo 6n2. Safe to say the stereos are good. Here is a pic of the stereo wires. (unsure what the purple and black wires are, but have no voltage at any stage) I have recorded the voltage of the black plug as I think the brown plug is just for the speakers? I have checked fuses 20 and 46 and and seem good. These voltages are as if you are looking at the black plug straight on. Any thoughts?
  2. Sorry for the long post as well it's a lot to read Okay so to start of this is my first time ever installing something like this in a car, I followed the instructions that come with the kit however when I fitted my new active subwoofer in my car I thought all had gone well it turned on and played music through it, however the subwoofer does not turn off when I remove the key from the car. I have googled this and it said something about the remote turn on wire which for me is on the back of the head unit and is a blue and white wire. The cable that come with the subwoofer is blue not that it matters as its a remote turn on wire for the sub but I ran this wire through the car to the head unit and then I have wired the blue wire with the kit to the remote wire on the back of the head unit which was the blue and white one.....I did this by simply cutting the wire in half and then joining them together with the blue wire from the subwoofer creating a "T" junction effect. I have not got a photo of this part however in the images you can see that I have had to tape up the blue and white again while I try and find a solution haha Note:I had wired this all up before turning the sub on for the first time I didn't add the remote wire after. Sorry for the amount of detail but really not sure on what the problem could be I can have links to photos if it helps as well. Thanks to anyone who can help me Active subwoofer: Edge EDB12A 2014 model Car: VW Lupo W reg (2000) Head unit: jvc kw-xr811 http://www.manualslib.com/manual/488544/Jvc-Kw-Xr811.html?page=2#manual (Wiring/ install manual for help.) Okay so I had a second look today at this issue and I was thinking if it was possible to wire it in with the yellow wire from the iso harness as this gets 12v when the ignition is on and then goes off when the key is removed? If this is even right? this is what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/nBpyd5q.jpg I have some photos to show how the ISO harness is done I had to change the yellow and the red wires around as the Unit was not remembering anything when I turned the car off so that's why. When I first tried this by linking it up with the yellow 12v wire it made the car ignition go backwards the stereo would only come on once the car had gone from ignition to off it would not come on otherwise even if the car was started so not sure on that. I also am not sure how to show images so I have had to post links to them as well https://imgur.com/a/N8lss
  3. Hello all, new to this page and have little knowledge about in car headunits. Do they all connect in the same way? don't won't to buy one that won't fit. Can anyone link me to a forum post or post a answer ? Cheers Luke.
  4. hello guys, I'm quite new to this, i have just brought a 1.0 lupo Se in black, as my first car, ive got a few mods lined up for it, one of these is fitting my new head unit and sub in my boot, i have brought a new sony mex-bt3900u head unit which works great, I've also got myself a nice vibe slice subwoofer and amp, I've managed to install the head unit easy, now it comes to the fitting of the sub, i have no idea how to run the Remote cable and the RCA cable from the back of my head unit so that it will come out in the passenger footwell so i can run them to my boot. could anyone help me with this. Pictures or diagrams of how to do this or whatever Thanks in advance Ben
  5. hi im changing from my standard double headunit.... and outting in a single din dvd headunit.... anyone have the fascia im going to need?? or want my old one?? x
  6. Thinking about putting a Double Din in my GTI, can anybody tell me what types of head unit they have, brand/model etc. And also post pictures too... Feel free to mention good/bad points about it as not totally sure as yet.
  7. Standard Seat Arosa Headunit from my 52' Arosa Sport. CD section now sold, only radio section available for £5 [excl. delivery]
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