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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. Today I installed a new radiator fan. I have a question. The fan switches on when: 1. I turn on the air conditioning 2. The engine temperature is high. And does the fan just have one speed in these two situations? Does it have two speeds? Because I have only one fan speed.
  2. Does anyone know the correct Bosch number for an SDi coolant fan? The V Dub no. is 6N0 959 455E a 200/60w 2-speed as far as I can tell. The only Bosch one I've found is 0 130 107 291 which has two pins on the connector making it a single speed motor. My current fan as fitted (a Temic) has 3 pins as has the thermostatic switch on the radiator. Whilst asking, can anyone advise on the easiest way to get the fan out as it appears blocked by the top hose on the SDi?
  3. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of some help. My seat arosa appears to have developed some kind of high pitched whine noise. Originally I thought this was either coming from the alternator or a loose belt, however I've had a local mechanic check it, who gave it a quick once over and said he couldn't find the root of the cause. The car only has 30k on the clock so he thinks it couldn't be anything major? His idea was that it was either coming from the wheel bearings or drive shaft, however he put the car up on the ramp, gave it a good look, span the wheels and couldn't find the issue. The noise appears when I reach around 30MPH and increases in pitch the faster I drive. I can drop the car out of gear whilst on a national and the noise will still appear, and only decreases as the car slows. The noise also stays at the same pitch whilst I change gears. Please please could someone give an opinion on what they think this annoying noise is?! Here's a recording of it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVowCScO8_c Thanks for your help! Car Spec: Seat Arosa (2000 W Reg) 30K on clock 1.0 MPI
  4. On my 1999 Lupo 1.4 the heater fan only works sometimes. It seems to be totally random, but more likely to work when starting first thing in the morning. The heater itself works all time, it's just the fan with a mind of its own. When it does works it works on all settings. Have browsed the threads but they don't reallty seem to apply. Any thoughts?
  5. The Fox has been overheating if I sit still in traffic. Today when it did it I popped the hood and steam was pouring out of the water rec=servoir but the water level was at the full line. I noticed the fan (big one) wasnt turning so I gave it a little push with my hand and it started turning then the water from the reservoir got sucked in. Is the fan bad? can I take it appart and maybe change the brushes on it? and how hard is it to take it out? Any info would be gold at this point...thanks!!! JP.
  6. Hi there, As in the title, Im after a radiator fan (with the motor and wiring attached) for a 2001 Lupo GTi Im told that it has to be from a pre 2002 model Part number is 6n0 959 453 Anyone got one for sale? Thanks
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