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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, New to this forum but owned a Lupo GTI for a while now. I’ve had an EML light on for a while now and I just can’t figure out what the cause is. The light first came on last year and since then the car has had an engine replacement with a reconditioned engine but still the fault code persists. Ive replace the camshaft timing sensor and already tried disconnecting the breather heater (aparantly this can cause this fault) my fuse 30 was blow but I replaced it disconnected the breather heater and the light came back but fuse 30 is fine. i could really do with some advice here as it’s driving me mad. Fault codes I currently have are 17748- camshaft position sensor/engine speed sensor; incorrect correlation 16394- camshaft timing control, bank 1; malfunction 17911- load signal from alternator terminal DF; implausible signal 16522- O2 sensor circuit high voltage (bank 1 sensor 2) 16514- O2 sensor circuit malfunction (bank1 sensor 1) 17759- camshaft position sensor, bank 1 implausible signal on startup
  2. Bit of an odd one here.. AUC 54’ plate 1.0 MPI Arosa 124,xxx miles Its recently become really hesitant when setting off or putting your foot down. It’ll hesitate for a few seconds then pick up. Sometimes it’ll also just rev itself between 500-1000RPM. It also shakes sometimes at about 500rpms From what I’ve read on here most people say it’s either the HT LEADS, COIL PACK, or SPARK PLUGS. Plugs were done about 20k ago and gapped correctly. I am planning to change these soon and see if it changes anything. My main concern though is that there isn’t an EML on the dash when the car does this?? Does this mean it’s not likely to be missfiring and it’s not those parts causing the issue Anyone able to help? thanks
  3. My first post on here so be gentle. I’ve recently bought a Lupo 1.4 16v, with a whole list of problems but it was too cheap not to buy. The engine runs but the epc and engine check lights are both on. Had a scanner on and one fault listed was open circuit heater on the pre cat lambda sensor. The guy we bought the car off told us he had fitted a new one, and it definitely is new. I’ve tested it with a multimeter and between pins 1 and 2 are open circuit, I wonder tho if the part is faulty or the wrong one for the car. On checking the resistances on other pins I’ve found a pair that read 4-5 ohms (most likely the heater connections), which leads me to think the plug on the new lambda sensor is wired up wrong. Trouble is I’ve not got an old one to check it against. Woundered if anyone on here had one they could meter out or a new one with the same colour coded wires as mine. Or any other ideas gratefully received. Will try and attach a pic. The part number is OS092 RTG Automotive
  4. My EML came on today and didn't go off. It was quite difficult to set off and it was 'stuttering' in every gear. It's came on before but went straight off. I have no idea what it could be and if anyone would be able to give us an idea that'd be great. I know this is could be a range of things but I can't really narrow it down anymore as I daren't start it. Thanks Chris.
  5. Right lads, bit of an issue regarding a misfire. About a month ago I spun out and went into some bushes. Car got shaken about but no cosmetic damage at all. Afterwards however, the car was only running on 2 cylinders and the EPC light came on. I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and light stayed out. The EML light has been on ever since I bought the car. Now though, whenever I use full throttle the car misfires and only runs on 2 cylinders. The car only misfires when full throttle is applied. Any ideas? Cheers
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