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Found 6 results

  1. Hello First time posting here, Ive been told that the AUB cylinder head can be used to build the popular AFH/AVY hybrid, I understand the cams and pulleys are different, I have built the engine and tried to turn it over, my lupo sport originally had an AUB unit but the engine seized so I used the head to build my hybrid which is AUB/AVY as I was told it would run with a map. The engine turns over but struggles on the compression stroke, as if the starter is weak but I checked it and it is fine. I am wondering if anyone has built a hybrid either using the AUB or AFK successfully and if I could ask them some questions to sort some teething issues I am currently experiencing myself.
  2. Does anyone know the outer or the inner diameter of the primaries and the secondaries for a Raceland 4-2-1 manifold for AFH/AFK? Or do you have one at your disposal to measure it? I would very much appreciate it!! I want to build a replica from stainless for an AUB in a newer Polo and the maths gave me some dimensions and i would very much like to compare those with a genuine Raceland. I would buy a Raceland but I live in an aera where the shipping costs almost as much as the mani and in this case it's easier and cheaper for me to build one. Thanks in advance!
  3. The Problem My brother in Law just got a Lupo 1.4 Sport 16v, AFH engine, Cable throttle. The revs keep dropping on it. Try and hold it at a constant RPM and it will be fine for 4 or 5 seconds then the revs will drop. Sometimes they drop lower than other times. Sometimes they come back up to where they were, sometimes they don't and it goes to idle level. Relavent History Aparently the guy who sold the car said it had had a new Throttle Body fitted at some point. What I have tried First Attempt Straight away I noticed quite a bit of oil in the air filter, coming in from the crank breather pipe. So I thought that might be the problem. Cleaned out the breather pipe as it was blocked with thick mayo, then cleaned out the crank breather filter/seperator box as that was blocked too. Then I noticed oil leaking from the underside of the intake manifold, so I opened that up and cleaned it all out and re-sealed with some high temp silicone gasket. While it was apart I noticed that the sensor on the left side of the Intake manifold (opposite side to the Throttle body) was covered in oil, so I sprayed a bit of electrical contact cleaner on it. I also cleaned out the inside of the Throttle body, just the butterfly area, I did not open up the black cover. So I put it back together and the problem was still there. Second Attempt I have mechanic friend who has just got an expensive new Snap-On fault scanner so I borrowed that and pulled the codes. But neither of us really know how to use it other than to pull engine codes and turn off engine/service lights. It came back with: 00519 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00518 Throttle Position Sensor (G69) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 0530 Throttle Position Sensor (G88) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00523 Intake Air Temp Sensor (G42) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00282 Throttle Position Actuator (V60) Output Open Intermittant There was no engine light on, so I thought that perhaps these were old codes from when the old throttle body failed. So I hoped that cleaning them might sort the problem and I could also see if any of the codes came back. So I cleared the codes and the problem was still there. I was testing it while parked on the drive for about 40 mins and none of the fault codes have come back. Third Attempt It had a function on the scanner to 'Reset Throttle Body' so my mate tried it. Anyway it did its thing, we tried it and the problem was completely different and much worse!! It wouldn't hold stable revs at all. So we did a code scan and it came back with: 01087 Basic Setting Not Performed So I went and googled that while he kept trying the 'Reset Throttle Body' function and did all the actuator tests on the scan tool. When I came back out the code had gone and the problem was back to its original state. Phewww What Can I Do Next? - Can I open up the black plastic part of the Throttle Body and clean out anything in there? Anything else? after that I'm stumped....... Please Help!!
  4. This thread follows a legendary build completed by a well-known VAG guru. Original thread which I sourced: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=62722&st=0 2 years down the line, this '1.0 litre' Mk1 Arosa has fell upon my possession. It is a well known car in the local area, and many people have had the privilege of driving it. Spec: 1.4 6N AFH K&N cone air filter A3 bushes (I believe..) Front coilies / chopped rears - unknown shocks BBS 15" Corbeau bucket seats Custom rear strut G40 steering wheel 16v brakes Shortened bike can There's probably more... My intentions are to bring this car back to its former glory.. As it stands, it's a bloody eye-sore. I shall post some pics when the opportunity arises so that you guys can see the transformation since the above thread, as I'm sure you'll be interested
  5. Right, so I bought this car with a blown engine in 2009 as a project. Car was on approx 100k miles when I bought it, service history up to 92484 miles, 04/2009 I had the engine replaced with a used one doing 75k miles (receipt available), along with £1500 worth of other work to get the car MOT'd (receipts available). Enjoyed the car for all of 3 months, before cambelt snapped (probably the only thing I didnt replace...I know, in hindsight the most important thing). So I replaced the cambelt (£400ish), car back on road...briefly till it began to smoke. I suspect oil rings. In my haste to get the car back on road I didn't get them changed. Car has been parked on drive for bout 9 months declared SORN, I was hoping to get it on the road again. It starts and runs, but due to change in circumstances I have to sell. It did not pass last MOT. It failed on emissions (...also temporary petrol cap). So selling for SPARES OR REPAIRS. It will be a good project for someone who has time and a bit of cash to spend. Car is lowered by 40mm all round, and has black headlamps. Great fun to drive. Gutted to have to sell it. Also I have these extras which I was hoping to install on the car. 2 x Tornado 6.5" 200W 2 way speakers (I-AG7070) BMC CDA Induction Kit-brand new (ACCDA70-130) Kenwood CD Receiver - (KDC-PSW9521) 2 x JBL P42, 4" 2 way speakers 2 headlamps 3 x 15" GTi Bathurst Rims and tyres, plenty of tread on all Im looking for £1500 or nearest offer for everything, car is located in Bedford. Call me on 07952587998 for queries or viewing. Memphis
  6. After much thought about exactly how much power I want from my loop I decided.. I want lots more!! So the small power increses have got to be flogged to fund the next idea! Here I have a Polo 16v afh inlet manifold and throttle body, both in excellent condition with no running/ idle issues (common with these throttle bodies!) I include the fuel rail, injectors & fuel pressure regultor all working 100% and quite important to run along side with. Direct bolt on replacement for 16v lupo as a performance enhancement, easy to fit, I done it and I'm female and self taught! Noticable power gain, will be a more effecient gain if once fitted, having the vehicle then remapped
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