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  1. So ive made an inspection to the oil feeds and water galleries and they all line up, also replaced the tensioner and it seems to be turning over a lot better. Thank you for the replies, always appreciate help, and yes it is fun ahaha. I am now down to one fault stopping spark and thats G28, Engine speed sensor, Implausible signal, I had to refit the trigger wheel on the crank as it had been removed by the previous owner,, I used tool T10017 to fit it, but its still throwing up this fault so I am going to look at realigning it again. I based my conversation on a Turbo'd AVY/AFK
  2. Hello First time posting here, Ive been told that the AUB cylinder head can be used to build the popular AFH/AVY hybrid, I understand the cams and pulleys are different, I have built the engine and tried to turn it over, my lupo sport originally had an AUB unit but the engine seized so I used the head to build my hybrid which is AUB/AVY as I was told it would run with a map. The engine turns over but struggles on the compression stroke, as if the starter is weak but I checked it and it is fine. I am wondering if anyone has built a hybrid either using the AUB or AFK successfully and i
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