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  1. yeah it still is. i dont think matty ventures on here often. be best to email him
  2. my old car, "sighhhh" how i miss this ha! looks awesome chris.. pleased with way this is going.
  3. This still forsale?
  4. Very interested in this. Messaged you via piston heads.
  5. love this car! had a good look around it at ultimate dubs when was parked next my friends golf. makes me miss mine like mad! nice car fella...
  6. god i miss this car! just had a read throuhg after havent checked up for a while! glad to see your taken care her. looking to get myself back into a lupo been look at a few gtis recently and a3 is up forsale.
  7. Sully!

    Audi a3

    Decided it's time move on from my a3, genuine reason for sale. 53 reg Audi a3 Akoya silver Full leather interior (s line spec) 61800 milage, will rise slightly with daily use Full service history Recent - -cambelt -water pump -rear discs and pads -4 new Tyres ( Avon zz3, less 100 mile covered) tax till end january Mot due September Modifications are minimal Fk highsport coilovers ( 6 months old) 3m carbon wrapped number plate surround, pillars and interior pieces Gloss black grill body work is in good condition and is regularly cleaned and kept to a high standard. have 100's of pictures which can be seen upon request. price is set with offers of around £6800. pictures and more info can be found at http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2875725.htm i dont get on here often so it would be best to email me via tobyjackson12@live.com or toby_tobz@hotmail.com or text/call me 07515811865 toby
  8. ah fair hes one my best mates lol... yeah hes gt my 3 polo breadvan with gt engine. its awsome! apologese for late reply but dont check this very often. glad see your takin care of her!
  9. Sully!

    Lupo 20v

    ahh, this the one the two andys have converted? wilkos mate? must say i wouldnt expect a 20vt to be sat under the bonnet,.. looks stock!
  10. where did u get the carbon from colin? looks awsome... ive done quite abit of carbon wrapping with 3m vynil. was gonna do my interior parts on my a3, have to price them up against the wrap.
  11. You know Kirk like Chris? But no wasn't kirks, lad called Jeff.
  12. looks good chris! glad see your taking care her.... yeah just for the confusion of some, its my old car. ha chris, sullys an old nick name, long gone now but hardlys come on here so havent bothered changing it. the ats classics were bought off a friend, ended up selling them back to him and were run on a mk3 polo with 1.3 on bike carbs on it... lovely car, although have since been sold on but i do believe are forsale again on www.section-5.net.
  13. ha cheers chris, we'll have meet up soon anywyays! wana make sure your taking care of rosie ha! ah cheers ben, yeah its sensible height too. erm the yellow one well lol... coming home from blyth.. about 60 mile trek, sat on a1 steady away, and the engine warning light came on then coolant and both went off after 30 seconds. pulled over, couldnt see anything wrong.. sounded ok. finsihed jounrey off got home was only 10 miles home same thing happened again. got home was pitch black, had look next morning, bottom radiator was missing, all coolant hoses had fallen off and the bottom expansion tank for coolant was pretty much non exisitent! turns out needed... new radiator new coolant fans new coolant system (hoses etc) new expansion bottle cylinder head skimmed new gasket i sold it back garage at this point, although the car had all problems sorted, went to be turned over n driven again, no luck, wouldnt work. dealership boss and technician took car apart and from 3 n half inch crack long ways and very deep through the block. speaking the lads theres no way that could happen in the time i had it, i owned it for 17 hours lol! its obviously just a dough car and needed alot attention. cheers marcus! yeah, give me a shout when ur in market, been to see a guy today about something a little special and rejoining lupo world:)
  14. Sully!

    Reverse Lights

    now chris, its tobe... yeah the arosa loom has only 1 side reverse where as the lupo has 2, but is perfectly legal.
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