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  1. Rigs


    Going to a good home by the sounds of things!
  2. Rigs


    Not sure of the different tbh! We had a standard Lupo TDI (02) at the same time a while back and they were near identical inside. More pics coming at weekend
  3. Rigs


    Interior is completely standard red/black cloth SDI interior in pretty good nick. The "Conversion in progress" picture is indeed old... well done! Tyres in pic are Yokohama A539s which have since been replaced.
  4. Don't try a 6 speed. You'll regret it
  5. Has anyone fitted an 02M 'box in a lupo? If so what did you do with the lower gearbox mount. Anyone got any ideas on the subject?
  6. Definately echo the 5 speed 'box comments Getting an O2m in was... interesting. Research research research if you are planning on doing this conversion. One false move and you can cause yourself weeks of agony.
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