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  1. If they're still available, I'll take the wingmirrors, mats and parcel shelf off. Can collect this weekend if they are.
  2. Ive never had aftermarket wheels on my cars in the past and with the spigot ring not moving at all i didnt want to risk it being anything important, its better to check it out than having something expensive go wrong is it not?
  3. Possibly, got Cades Eros wheels on, will try to pry that off now thanks
  4. Was going to do that, but whats the plastic ring around the hub infront of the disc for?
  5. does anyone have any advice on how to get the disc off? I cant get mine to budge tried everything i can think of. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  6. As title. Seen today by the Killingworth council offices. Flashed his lights so i gave him a wave. Didnt get a great look at the car but think it was standard.
  7. Thanks. I was going to get that tyre setup but decided to wait til it was lowered, thought it would look daft standard height with stretched tyres. Out of curiosity, how low was your sport? And thats a nice looking sport.
  8. Yeah, i do put the seat back to not make it any worse, but id jus like to try tidy it up a bit
  9. Thanks, got them fitted just before christmas after i hit a pothole and smashed one of my standard ones. Im sure ive seen a black sport one here with the same weels but gold centres. I will have to get some better pics of the new wheels up
  10. Thanks, that would be great Dont know if i trust myself to razor my seat! But might give it a shot if im feeling brave
  11. Had this problem since i bought the car and jus wondered if anyone had this happen to their seats, and if anyone had fixed it. Its really bobbly, but its just on the side support of the seat, don't really know what to do with it because I don't want to ruin my seat. If anyone had any ideas on how to get rid of this i would really apreciate the help. A couple of pics to show what im talking about.
  12. I bought my little GTI last march after deciding it wasn't worth spending 2k on keeping my 16v polo on the road. It was totally standard when i bought it and still is apart fom the new wheels. Would like to get it lowered but just haven't got the money at the minute. These were taken last summer and I've since taken the black badge off the front and added the red gti trim. So finally some pics......... And the reason for the new wheels.... And then with the new Cades Eros fitted.... Im hopefully going to be getting it lowered this year, by summer if i can and have a few other little things i want to do but its all time an money I don't have at the minute! Thanks for looking
  13. I checked all my lights an the rear fog was out on the passenger side. Checked again after changing the bulb an still nothing. Anybody got any ideas on what it could be an how I could sort it out. Thanks in advance
  14. Cool,guess I know where I'll be getting my coilovers from then,thanks for the info
  15. Did you get them from awesome?I was looking at them the other day. You fit them yourself?
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