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  1. Sorry for taking so long for to upload these photos, any more info needed feel free to pm or phone 07714337817
  2. Hi for sale I have my Seat Arosa Sport 1.4 100bhp, selling as I have moved to Glasgow for Uni and no longer need a car. This was my first car and has served me really well, quite nippy and a bit of a rarity its for sale at £1,200 X reg 68.5k miles on the clock New discs recently fitted Full service history Mot until August Kenwood headunit 6x9's in stealth shelf, normal parcel shelf will be included with sale Bump strips removed (will be included with sale) Removed rear Seat badge (will be included) A few minus points about the car is that the two door hinges will need replaced, small job and
  3. Amazing, looks so crisp. Just get the wheels slightly spaced.
  4. Excuse the ignorance but what actually is a cat back? Been quoted £140 for a backbox from meerkat, cheers for the heads-up look like ill defo be going for that.
  5. Looks great, love it on the g60s, like them as they are tbh, get them spaced a bit would look amazing.
  6. Exhaust valve, the wee bit that sticks out at the back, anyone know what its there for? cheers pete
  7. Bit of good news its just getting patched up atm, so will get through its mot, said it should last about 6months, time iv got to save for a cat convertor, cheapest i have seen for the sport being about 150, and then new backbox, might get the scorpion one, as i cant find a quote for a standard one.
  8. full system, i dont really have a clue though. shall see what the band news is tomorow i guess.
  9. How do, while since Ive really been on this, good to come back and see theres some really exciting projects on the go. Was wondering if I could get some help in valueing my Arosa. And helping me decide the best option, basically car recently started sounding really loud, found holes in both the cat converter and the back box, got a quote from seat 740 plus vat and labour, really cant affoard this, currently getting a quote from an independant, its due a service and MOT atm too. What you think the best option would be? sell? break? Basically dont want to be spending nearly what the cars worth o
  10. quote from seat, £740 plus vat and fitting, for full system,
  11. Anyone know where to get standard sport set up, looking for as cheap as poss tbh.
  12. Looking for some help with my exhaust, it basically has two holes in it now, one in the backbox and one near the middle box part. Anyone give me any recomendations as where to go, and how much cost im looking at, looks like I will need to replace the full thing. Its an Arosa sport.
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