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  1. Hi mate, mine is an '08 plate fox and it comes as standard with a white port in the glovebox and when you plug an mp3 player into it it plays through the stereo when you put it in aux 1 mode
  2. Hi Guys, my fox has got the mp3 enabled stereo and the mp3 connector in the glove box doesn't that just run if you press the aux button on the stereo?
  3. it was but chose not to bother with that one as the last two cars i had ( Daewoo Lanos SX, Nissan Primera) the aircon went wrong and cost shed loads to fix so didn't bother. Just went mad as this is my first new car. I went for heated seats, heated washer jets, heated electric mirrors, sun roof, front fog lights and map reading lights car in indian blue with the multi-coloured striped seats they looked better than all of the grey ones available. Having all of these bits added meant that i actually had to wait four months for the car to get here from south america. The dealer did try to find me one in the UK but they are rare with those items fitted, more common in europe
  4. Hi guys like you i only just got my fox on monday. Not sure about your odometer resetting it shouldn't do that!! with mine i only got two keys one with the remote central locking and one normal key which works the central locking by the drivers door lock. Mine only has the front speakers in the door too. I noticed that too, when i picked up my car it is only badged as a fox it has no 'urban' or engine size badging on the back
  5. Hi Guys, I am a new member and have only had my fox since monday!! mine is ther urban 1.2 l HAVE FOUND IT A LOT OF FUN TO DRIVE!!, all the toys i had put on are great. i got mine with the heated seats, washers and wing mirrors and the sunroof. As someone said above the ride height of the seats takes some getting used to it feelks like a people carrier especially with the area between you and the window feels like a picaso, don't remember it feeling this high up when i took the dealers demonstrator for a spin. I think it is great and very cool, one of my mates did say he thought that it looks like someone shrunk the golf plus and from certain angles i see his point.
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