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  1. Okay well, ive just put AP coilovers on my arosa, but unfortunately now ive decided to sell it very soon . Question is one of my mates is after a lupo gti soon and wants to buy my coilovers off me, but will they fit his car or are the mounts different? Thanks
  2. Yeah i was at the bottom, had the lass and my cousin in the car but i was either wandering or sitting in my boot secretly pushing down on my false floor to stop my subwoofer rattling so much
  3. I was there, saw your car go past me sean lol, noticed a few lupos but not thattt many.
  4. I know what youre saying about the wheels, they dont look good in pics and i never wanted that style of wheel till i saw this one in the shop, and like i say it looked class next to the car so will obvs post up pics when i get them And ermm, dont think ive got driveshafts knocking, im getting torque steering but thatll probs sort out once i get all the wheels aligned. I love the dragster stance atm lol, just got pulled over by the fuzz and he was having a good feel of the gap between front wheels and arches bellend he was.
  5. These ones in 15x6.5 and 195/45/15 Toyo T1-Rs. Should be here at the end of next week but revolution are taking the piss with them put my deposit down on december 4th and every time ive asked where they are they tell me theyre being TUV tested or something. They did look fantastic when he tried one next to my car a while ago though.
  6. Got my AP coilies finally low!! Still need to take the adjuster out of the back to get another 20mm and im gonna bring the front up slightly as its catching on speed bumps etc
  7. About all the wheel spinning and "too much power" and all that.... it still only goes as fast as you tell it to. Looks like a great project, cant wait for more pics and vids this is something id be interested in doing to my arosa eventually, some time in the next 2 years while i wait to finish my apprenticeship and get a supra
  8. Any chance of a map to show where itll be? I dont know blyth at all
  9. Yeah one of my mates has the ta-technix on his lupo and the damping does look pretty crappy when he goes over speed bumps etc. Definitely gonna go for the AP ones next week when i get paid thanks
  10. Im thinking about getting AP coilovers over the ta-technix ones based on how people seem to think they handle alot better so i guess its worth the extra £150. Do they go as low as the ta-technix?
  11. Another coilover question :/ hmm.. PhilJ's TA Technix for £215, V-maxx for £310 which seem pretty much the same, or AP for £370? I know AP ones will be better but are they good enough to justify the extra £150ish over the ta-technix? Need convincing lol
  12. Can you take a photo of the rear springs with the adjusters out? Im gonna get these coilies but the rear ones seem a bit dodgy :/
  13. Absolutely speechless :/ the amount of work that's gone into this car is just amazing. I really wish i had even 5% of your skills.
  14. I thought that might be the case
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