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  1. It's an AUC so it has the egr valve. The problem I had with cylinder 4 disappeared but the shitty fuel economy it's still there and I don't know why. As you can see from the photo the short term fuel trim is high. Plausible vacuum leak?😕
  2. Not the best of translations but from what I'm understanding this suits perfectly to my problem. Possible?
  3. Hi everyone, Recently my 2003 1.0 MPI VW lupo gave me some problems, the engine started running on 3 cylinders with the consequences of the loss of power and the sh*t fuel economy I connected the OBD2 scanner and these were the codes I found: P0030, P0401, P0304 You know better than me what these mean. So now I know cylinder 4 is not running, I decided to see the conditions of the spark plug and it was really wet, I switched the spark plug with one from another cylinder but the problem stayed on the fourth, so then I decided to see if there is spark and there is, guess how I know 🥲⚡. To be 100% sure I tried disconnecting the lead with the engine running and it stalled so I think it just misfires randomly. When cold started it makes a horrible noise that slowly gets quiter but doesn't disappear. Reading some data on my scanner I found that either the O2 sensor is reading and sending wrong values to the ECU or my engine is running too rich. I don't know what else to say, please someone help me.
  4. Hi there, Anyone with 14 inch wheels on a 1.0 ?
  5. Elhad


    How? Maybe I can polish it🤷
  6. Elhad


    I think that the previous owner had an accident and got the part repainted by a lazy body shop🤬 Because this happened only on the right side
  7. Elhad


    I tried removing side strips on my lupo but this happened. how is this possible Looks like the foam stuff is under the paint HOW!?
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