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  1. What colour head rest? I picked up two black ones from eBay but I need grey. would you part with the steel wheels?
  2. Liam down at mobile motorworks done the cam belt and waterpump on my last lupo. I’ll be taking this one to them to do the same. he’s in between Normans and la Collette. Behind the old fisherman’s pub there.
  3. Yellow


    What an amazing colour lupo!
  4. Looking for a leather steering wheel with airbag cable and clock spring.
  5. Looking for a leather steering wheel with airbag cable and clock spring.
  6. A lady on Facebook was asking if anyone had a cheap automatic for sale and the guy said he had a lupo. she didn’t take it so I did. It has a full main dealer service history up to 2018 and it sat since then. he wanted £750 for it with a basic service but I got it for £500 without. I got 2 new tyres for £90 and £101 for full service kit minus leads as they didn’t have in stock. it’s mainly for my wife to run around in but it’s about as perfect a car that has ever been created. I seriously love the manual windows as I’ve previously has problems with the drivers window randomly opening and closing on another lupo I had. the auto is ideal as my rotator cuff has been giving me issues.
  7. I'm in Jersey too and funnily enough I've just picked up a 2000 1.4e, Lupo automatic in Yellow with 13,500 miles. 1290CE8B-FF5D-44A3-B9EC-761AE76D5C88_1_201_a.heic
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