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  1. When the track rods were attached he couldn’t get a reading I was told .now he has a reading but the camber is toe in.it’s really frustrating as it was fine before new arms were fitted.we actually thought the arms were the wrong ones at first
  2. When the new arms were fitted at first the mechanic said he couldn’t even get a reading on the chart for alignment,then he told me he disconnected track rod ends and straightened wheels on eye then connected track rod ends .this did improve the wheel position but it’s still toe in.my brother is a hgv mechanic and he also can’t understand what’s wrong,my brother hasn’t seen the car in the state it’s in just what I’ve told him.would a damaged track rod end cause toe in?as this would be my next part to replace.the cars tracking and camber was perfect before the arms were replaced
  3. Thanks for the reply LR5V .The bottom of the wheel on both sides are sitting inwards now so where do I go with parts etc to replace to get this little lupo back on the road .I’d appreciate any pointers on this.thanks Ross
  4. Hi .I’m having real problems getting to the bottom of why the camber has changed so much when Ive replaced front suspension arms.I’ve had the tracking done which was a nightmare to find the camber is still off.my mechanic says he can’t understand it as the old arms are the same as new arms.please can someone help.thanks Ross
  5. I changed the bottom arms on my Lupo Sdi and it has put the wheel alignment way way way off.I’ve double checked the new parts and they are definitely the same as old parts .please can someone help.thanks Ross
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