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  1. I wasnt expecting a response so quickly!! thank you I have both looms, i know vagtronics do a good job of splicing the two together so for the sake of a few £ i will most likely go down this route... I know VW do an "upgrade kit" for the polo box, ill have to digg around and see if there is anything similar for the lupo or ill just have to start from scratch as i cant imagine the market is massive.... i think ill get the engine in, swap the box housings over and offer it up loose and see how it fits and go from there... i can see a lot of trial and error. Ive sent a few dri
  2. Hi All, This will be my first post so please dont send me to the gallows straight away. To keep it short, im lining up a parts list for a 20v conversion on my GTI (2004, Jap import, 70k miles) ( purists will hate me but hey im 22 XD) I have an ARY engine, with box (6spd/O2M) 82K miles. and an AGU Engine and box with 112K miles. Looking at mounts and exhsuats and all that stuff, im wondering if i can just swap the bell housing from an O2M/O2J/A with the current 6 speed box. This would surly eliminate the need for notches, a new peddle box, i can use the sa
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