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  1. When I said the 'AC' guy... I meant the RAC Guy...
  2. Hi Frank, I hope you are well and having a cuppa now! So, my Lupo has been sitting outside while I have considered what to do. I have two potential repairers. I have also looked at a couple of youtube videos to try and understand the problem. I started with the info that the AC guy had provided. Below are the notes that he sent me on his report- CUSTOMER REPORTS NOISE AND THEN THE ENGINE CUTTING OUT AND NOT RESTARTING THE DRIVE BELT TENSIONER HAS FAILED AND IN TURN THE AUXILLARY DRIVE BELT HAS FAILED SUSPECT THAT PARTS OF THE TWO ABOVE FAILURES THAT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED HAVE THEN GOT INTO THE TIMING BELT SYSTEM CAUSING THE TIMING BELT TO FAIL / JUMP ENGINE HAS NO COMPRESSION I spoke to you on the basis of this report previously. According to the RAC guy this meant that I had catastrophic repairs to undertake! But I'm not so sure. What do you think is the likely damage? Your best assessment please. The above coupled with the fact that the engine already had been giving out smoke led me to think that I might as well get the engine rebuilt. But I am not sure at all. Please could you help with some advice before I commit to a particular course. Many thanks
  3. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply so fully. It is much appreciated. You certainly do have a lot on! I'll see what I can find locally... there is a garage near to me. It is a commercial business with a petrol station and workshop. They are not VW specialists or enthusiasts or anything like that.. but they say they could do it. I think that they are ok. So I shall consider that. But I may seek your advice (and Rich's) as I progress. Thanks a lot for your advice.
  4. When do you think you would eventually get the time to take on something like this?
  5. So who is Frank? Can he see my post?
  6. Thanks again. So if I were to go the route you suggest, do you know of somebody who could do the work..... given that I am in South London and so is the car?
  7. Thanks so much for that great advice. I'm a bit old-fashioned in wanting to keep things in as much of their original form as possible. But I understand what you are saying about the comparative costs. The other thing is, how can I know about the state and longevity of a secondhand engine? With one that has been worked on by someone that I know... I would have had to bear the cost, but I would know where it stood. My thinking was that at least I would have an engine that would be as new. In fact it could even be as good (if not better) than the two supplied new by VW themselves!
  8. Thanks. Frank! Are you there?
  9. Hello All, This is my first post so go easy on me! I have had my Lupo 16V from new in 2002. After 25k miles it had a new engine under warranty! It has done overall 90k miles. So the engine is only around 75k miles old. But it has gone kaput because of 'DRIVE BELT TENSIONER HAS FAILED AND IN TURN THE AUXILLARY BELT HAS FAILED... THE ENGINE HAS NO COMPRESSION' (according to the RAC report). I was always disappointed with the engine because it started giving out blue/black smoke from a long time back... years ago. I was told that the pistons were wearing. (I'm no mechanic). Anyway, I would like to keep the car that I have had from new... so I think that I would like an engine rebuild, in order to sort everything out. I would like to get this done at the best possible cost by a trusted mechanic/garage who would provide a warranty for the work. I'm not able to do the work myself, but I would want to follow it step-by-step all the way as I am interested in that. I am in South East London. Can any of you experts out there advise me please?
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