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  1. The problem is not intermittent, it only occurs at tick-over up to about 1400RPM. I confused this problem with an exhaust issue in my original post. Code Reader I have got someone to put a Foxwell NT680 Pro ALL Systems Scan Tool, but it returned nothing. EGR Valve, Tricky to remove (stupid mounting stud) but it was relatively clear, no real build up of any kind, I gave the valve a clean-up anyway using carb cleaner, put straight back on no change. Injector pump, 'out of sync by a tooth' Suggested by a colleague, I am tempted to change the belt and check this at the same time. Could this have occurred the last time it was changed? Any Other Ideas? Its driving me mad... Gary7
  2. Lupo SDi 1.7 AKN engine code. Can You Help? My Lupo suffers from excessive vibration, its not the normal vibration, but more, hopefully someone has had a similar experience and solved it? This is the second SDI Lupo I have owned, in comparison, the previous one ran like a 'Swiss watch' until the engine management gave up. The L & R engine mount appear fine, I recently changed the rear gearbox mount (dogbone) while underneath replacing the center & rear silencers. The front small 'knuckle joint was completely shot, but the larger rear rubber mounting was ok, I hope this would solve the problem, not such luck, it is now much worse! At tick over (950rpm) is unbearable, 20mph plus better, but the mind-numbimng vibration comes back around 60-65mph, over 73mph its fine. Tricky to drive anywhere like this! I initially beleived the problem may be clutch related, as the previous owner made a number of 'schoolboy' reassembly errors, not doing mount bolts up properly etc, however there are no other clutch related symptoms whatsoever. Please share any ideas you may have about the cause would be fantastic. Gary7
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