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  1. After a Open Air lupo, not really fussed what engine - but a tdi would be lovely! Just missed a cracker on gumtree, something along these lines would be ideal: https://www.newsnow.co.uk/classifieds/cars-vans-for-sale/sap/4lWqBcV1z-C1HNGUb5DCjA?slot=1 Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Picked up some RZ 305's for my little arosa and have just had them fitted with new tyres and put on the car. I'm having difficulty in getting the center caps to fit on - they dont even clip into place i know i need to spin them to lock in, but im not even at that stage yet! they dont sit flush they way they're supposed to - any ideas? See that they can fit the lupos and im assuming the arosas have same hub size so i guess thats that out the window. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, After a set of LUPO GTI seats or MK4 Golf recaros. Anyone got anything up for grabs? just after front seats. Cheers
  4. ideal! excited to get rid of the horrid stock seats, my back will thank me lol.
  5. Hi guys, Seen a load of posts on here about mk4 golf seats being a straight swap - how true is this? seen a pair of leather recaro front seats from a 3dr that would almost match my interior colour. Wanting to make sure they'll fit before handing over my pennies for them. pic attached. *edit* Forgot to mention im trying to fit to a 2001 mk2 Arosa TDI Cheers
  6. those seats look brilliant, proper bolsters on them - still would swap the headrests out though - been searching everywhere but cant find a set for sale! I'm a fan of the black interiors, mine's got the grey/cream one with centre console etc all kind of off white - not a big fan. Trip to a breakers yard maybe in order lol. been looking at some springs/coilovers and front/rear anti roll bars as well would be ideal if someone on here was wanting rid of them.
  7. Cheers for the info will be looking into springs and a map after i get the uniroyals i've ordered fitted. Think im going to just keep the 14's as i can see this "budget" run around turning into a costly project if i dont stay sensible. Did the springs sort out the body roll for you, or just aesthetics? Have looked at shocks too but again trying not to get carried away lol Will keep an eye out for the sport seats, but in the meantime i might go hunting for old polo headrests to sort them out - the stock ones with the hole are really quite hard to get on with. Cheers.
  8. Hi mate, its an S model with central locking - just got the fob working today. When I unlock the car i can hear a light clicking noise in the boot. I've taken the "boot card" - if thats what you call it lol - off and it looks to be alright. Any ideas as to what it could be? Not sure if its the motor or the solenoid that's the issue - the metal bar is in place. Where did you get yours mapped? I've had a look at the revo map, 240 quid including vat doesnt seem so bad at all - or are there better alternatives? What springs did you use? Not wanting mega lows just wanting it to handle a little better with less body roll - dont fancy taking every speed bump side on lol. Got a set of 14 inch fox racing alloys that came with the car, is it worth going for 15's or should i stick with the 14's? Needing to get a set of tyres on the little chap, it came with a different brand on each corner - all old and perishing. Not wanting to fork out $$$ for a set of decent tyres for the 14's and then want to go for the 15's not long after - 14's could have a set of winters thrown on. The rust isnt so bad to be honest, it looks as though its been in a light bump and bent the wing in at the headlight very slightly - not sure whether to just get a new wing or rub it down and do a spray can job on it - looks to be surface rust, no holes as yet. The seats in mine are awful, they've got bolsters - that dont really hold you - and headrests with the centre missing - want to look at swapping them out. Is the sport model the 1.4 100bhp one? Know of anyone with a set of the sport seats that they'd want rid of? Sorry for slow reply I didn't see the notification until today - moved clublupo mails out of the spam folder now! If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Based in central scotland if that helps. Cheers
  9. Hi guys Thought it would be worth while posting on here. I’ve just bought myself a 2001 Arosa 1.4 tdi! The little thing only has 35k miles on the clock and runs like a dream, 350 miles done on the first day - and on one tank - with a quarter left! There’s only a couple little bits that are needing done, passenger door looks as though it’s been opened into a wall and has cracked paint/dent right where it meets rear quarter. Front passenger wing suffering from the usual VAG rust. Few little marks on the bumpers. Boot solenoid needs investigating, never locks! Mechanically though the little thing is bang on, and surprisingly nippy! anybody know of someone breaking a silver lupo/arosa for the door/wing? Any tricks a new owner should be made aware of? cheers
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