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  1. Hello, my girlfriends VW Lupo 1.4 S (not sport) has a problem where it is overheating, after trying a few things having the heater on full blast keeps the engine at the right temp but if you turn it off it will start to creep up and overheat again, it has got enough coolant, it has enough oil, any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Surprisingly out of all the gears it doesn’t crunch in The reverse gear, although when I was testing it, it nearly got stuck in reverse it was a struggle to get it out of reverse
  3. So not much progress has been made, messed around with everything to do with with the linkage and actual shift, but haven’t got anywhere really still won’t shift nicely and a bit crunchy in each gear, clutch isn’t dragging put it in gear and started it in gear, if it was dragging it would have jolted but didn’t, all the gears pull fine once you are in but shifting in and out of them doesn’t work very well at all, so I’m assuming it’s a gearbox issue now and was wondering if anyone knows the best gearbox or best place to get one, had a look at the gearbox, the gearbox looks older than the engine, I really want to find a gearbox for the car as the engine is solid and the car has a few little issues and needs a tidy up but wouldn’t be major work, it’s just the gearbox, any more suggestions before I start hunting a gearbox? Any more things to try
  4. Was a lot of slack in the selector tower, custom made a bushing type thing to stabilise it and it seems to of worked but still no closer with the actual gear change, I’m going to try the bushing kit for the actual shifter in the car and hopefully that will be the final piece of the puzzle, if not looks like I’m hunting down a decent condition 1.4 TDi box 😐
  5. Should hope so it’s had a new clutch and it seemed fine until I hit a bump everything’s gone out of whack with the gears now, cars not majorly low or anything so no actual damage to anything structurally, had a new clutch slave cylinder and was bled and all sorted so wouldn’t think it would be the clutch, the clutch was new around 3k miles ago
  6. So basically did a few little bits today and then reset the gear linkage and to be honest it’s hardly driveable, when it’s stood still you can get it into gear no problem but when it is moving it doesn’t want to go in or back down into any gear, from 5th to 4th it crunches, 3rd is practically impossible to get into, when it’s in gears you can move the gear stick from side to side and if I’m honest I’m getting impatient now as the car just keeps playing up with gears, it was fine for a while but now it’s gone back to square one! There is a lot of free play in the selector arm so going to do that next and replace all the bushings in hope that it’s just the gear selection with the linkage and shifter tower, but let me know your opinions on what it’s most likely to be todo with based on what is happening now
  7. Yes there seems to be a lot of play in the shifter, the gear pattern seems to change and you end up hunting the gears down, I bought a bushing and slider kit for the gear linkage and will be fitting that tomorrow but I’m hoping that it isn’t the gearbox as I know it’s tough to find one, will be resetting the selector cables once I have put the the new bushings onto the gear linkage and hopefully that should help but if not looks like I’m hunting a new gearbox, thanks
  8. So I went over a pothole on a slip road onto the M25 and now my gears have gone completely all over the place, I’ve got a feeling I can hear a subtle whine coming from the passenger side front, but could just be a wheel bearing, but basically it’s practically impossible to get into 3RD gear and from 5TH to 4TH it practically falls into gear and crunches for some reason, I’m guessing it’s going to need a new gearbox, but if you think it’s something else don’t hesitate to reply, but if it is then does anyone know where to get a Lupo TDi box? And I have heard that some of the polo 1.4TDI boxes fit it so if anyone knows exactly please let me know as I really don’t want to give up on the car but it’s trying my patience
  9. Hello, today my drivers side exterior door handle just stopped working, when u pull it it does nothing, the door will only open from the inside, it still locks and unlocks on the lock but the door handle on the outside won’t open the door, it pulls out like normal but doesn’t open, any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Does anyone on here know about air lift performance? I’m having a problem with my Lupo on air, the front passenger sides air line keeps pulling out, I’ve tried changing the fitting that goes into the bag, but it hasn’t helped, any suggestions? It’s just I’d rather fix it myself than have to pay insane prices to have it looked at and sorted by a professional.
  11. in every gear it doesn’t happen, it’s once your are in 5th gear at the higher revs that it suddenly looses power and then all the other gears feel like they have lost any boost, And once you turn off and turn on the engine again all the power is back as if it’s completely fine, I don’t know who has messed around with the remapping as when I bought the car it was supposedly “remapped to 105hp” and it feels like it has been. But I’m not sure if that could have anything to do with it, thanks for everyone’s suggestions
  12. Ive got a problem with my lupo tdi, it has supposedly been “remapped” and feels a lot faster than standard, but after I got 80-90 mph it feels like the turbo has given up, and until you restart the engine it won’t pull like it does before, I don’t understand what’s going wrong, the car gets to 80-90 and then suddenly all power shuts off, and until you restart the engine the turbo doesnt seem to do anything, could the turbo be ****ed? Just looking for some opinions, thanks
  13. Thank you very much for the help, will start to do the work tomorrow, really appreciate the advice
  14. I just played around with the clutch pedal a bit, and the clutch pedal comes up to the level of the brake but when you press it down it doesn’t come back all the way up
  15. The brake pedal is higher than the clutch pedal, bleeding the clutch was going to be the first thing I try but just thought I’d look for some guidance
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