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  1. So I blocked the pipe, then wrapped all loom in tape, I decided to undo the negative battery lead to reset ecu? Anyways my wipers are sorted for the time being:/
  2. So last weekend I did a rear wiper delete, set off to work this morning and my front wipers wont switch off? Iv been told the stalk is a good contender, but im curious if iv messed something up,
  3. Just replaced mine with cheap ebay replacement at £6.99 for both window switches, use a small plastic pry bar to pop out switches then i used a small flat head to dislodge old switches from casing. About 10min job
  4. I am trying to get a hold of a debadged grill for my mk2 arosa? I found a company online line and after a couple of hrs they told me they no longer stock them ffs. So can anyone help please? Iv tryed the usual place etc. No luck as yet.
  5. Just got back from nr Manchester after I picked up 4 wolfrace 15s and tyres for £41, yup £41 anybody else had any crazy deals
  6. Anybody know if this hose split (number 9) would chuck up a p0401 code? I need a replacement , does anybody know where I can get 1?? Cheers
  7. Just got off the phone to garage a pipe as split the error is to do with pipe from air box to egr valve, small split, any one know where i can get replacement or im thinking plumbers rubber tape?
  8. Brand new egr was put on my car and after a week engine management light came on? Code p0401, its going back to garage where I had it done for him to sort out this weekend, when I start the car it revs its knackers off to around 2000 rpm, then settles down ?? , I have also had a full new exhaust system put on etc. I
  9. So I have had to replace egr unit and now engine management light is back on, iv took a reading with my cheap obd reader and its come up with p0401. Rang garage and he cant look at it until weekend...... So iv had a new egr unit and exhaust fitted since I bought this just over 4 weeks since, can anybody help? Cheers
  10. Thanks for this much appreciated
  11. Gona be new coilovers anyone point me in right direction? Looking at fk ak street coilovers? Cheers
  12. Hi everyone I passed my test at a ripe old age of 38 and bought a 1l 2003 seat arosa. So far I have bought. New full exhaust . New egr. 4 tyres . New brakes ,(disc pads etc) and last week something cracked and leaked out my coolant!! Ffs. All sorted now . Anyway I hope that now I can get aound to doing some nice stuff ie lowering and wheels. So my question is whats the best way forward? Springs, coilovers etc .? I dont want to slam it stupid low but just low enough to not have to start messing with arches etc.
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