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  1. Parked up, just realised as I passed it, anyone on here in Sunderland?
  2. And......it's sorted 👍🏼 Thanks everyone! 😁
  3. Hmm forgot about any led colours, I'm sure he'll just be happy to go through a drive thru without having to open his door Scott 😂😂😂😂
  4. Still waiting for switch to arrive...😏
  5. Excellent thanks Scott 😜
  6. Thought so, just needed confirmation, thanks v much Skajme 👍🏼
  7. Looks great! Can't believe my son has just gone through a similar rear end shunt as yours - he'd had his car three weeks, rang me when it happened as he didn't have a clue what to do - lesson learned as a parent... Excuse my ignorance...fly wrap?
  8. Right then, asked on here about why my sons Arosa driver's window wasn't working and it points to the switch. He's actually had the window up and down using some reset trick with the key (?) So we know it's not the motor.. My question to you clever folk on here is this... Can I replace a single unit (the driver's side switch only) as these are readily available on eBay for £6-7 and put it into the fixed unit in the door? Or do I need to pay £55+ for the entire window/central locking unit? 🤔
  9. Dealer prices....£179 for unpainted bumper, £78 for single LHS light.....😳 Considering the bumper is same colour I think I've scored, and the bloke who went into my boy is paying the bill.... 😉
  10. That's the lights I got Scott 🤗
  11. Silver bumper and two lights acquired from the bay, £105 all in, and bumper is correct colour!! Result 😁
  12. Why such a small pic size allowance on here? I can't upload any of mine...🤔
  13. Three weeks into owning his new car, some old bloke has driven straight into the back of my sons car - bumper and back light ****ted 😠 Anyone got one of the clear style light clusters lhs please?
  14. Thursday nite gone, thought it was my lad 😆 Identical silver Arosa heading past KFC towards Tecaz/Echo building....
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