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  1. Hey that's great thanks Rich 👍 You Lupo or Arosa then? 😊🤔
  2. Just bought one on ebay! Full unit, same colour, £25 😎
  3. Sorted! Just got one from the bay in the right colour too!
  4. Current cover is smashed but mirror is fine, any colour as car is in paint shop at mo. Passenger side please, small mirror 2004..
  5. You've probably seen the car around danno! Getting some painting and dent removal sorted at mo - from eldest sons tenure 😒 before handing it to the youngest, may pop a pic up but it's standard stuff in silver with the clear back lenses... You got the one with the deep wheels?
  6. Press the switch, nothing happens, no sound, no window down. He's gonna struggle at McDonald's drive thru... 😂
  7. No I'm in the Northeast, not many Lupos but a few Arosas like ours 👍🏼 nothing breaking though and strange no aftermarket mirrors after the 2000 model online...🤔
  8. Two good replies, thanks guys 👍🏼 @Sausage you got any 'how to's" on here, I've searched to no avail?
  9. Tried both yeah. Wierdly, eBay only supplies up to year 2000 model, large style mirror. Properly struggling with breakers too....
  10. Any pointers why its stopped working please?
  11. Cant find one anywhere to replace damaged nearside, any suggestions please?
  12. Hi all, Just about to hand over our family owned car to youngest son, its gone from his Gran, to me, to eldest son now youngest. Need some info so joined up on here 😎
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