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  1. Hello again! I am sorry I did not upload photos, it is difficult to upload them but I keep trying. Today I connected everything, activated with VAGCOM and it doesn't work. I don't know whether to change the ECU to that of a Polo 6n2 or try another combination of cables. If I make it work, I'll let you know.
  2. Hello! I am in the cruise control assembly (Tempomat). I have varnished the piece with a matt spray so that the white letters are not erased due to the use. I have already put the cable that goes to the ECU but I have not plugged it yet. First I will dismantle the steering wheel and place the tail. I attach images where I have passed the cables that connect in the ECU.
  3. I'm waiting for shipment of the part. As soon as receive it, I will install it and connect to ECU. I will inform you if it works in Lupo Gti or not. If it works, I will do a "how to do it". If it doesn't work, i will cry 😭🤣
  4. I bought the tempomat of t4 and I'm going to try it. I read in some forums, it works, and in others it does not work. I have 2 diagrams: 1st: Pin 1 (White) --> 68 ECU Pin 2 (Blue) --> 67 ECU Pin 3 (Red) -->66 ECU Pin 4 (Negro) --> 69 ECU +12v 2nd: Pin 1 (White) --> 68+69 Pin 2 (Blue) --> 67 Pin (Red) --> 66 Pin (Black) --> +12v Vagcom: Engine/Login 11463
  5. Cambiar a español Hello! I'm Alvaro, from Huelva, Spain. I present my Seat Arosa 1.0 AHT year 1999 to 1.4 16v AFH (90k miles) and my Lupo Gti year 2001 (78k miles). Take this opportunity to ask about the installation of cruise control at GTi. Does anyone have the wire scheme? Has anyone made him run in Lupo GTI? Thank you! Photos: Photos:
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