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  1. Bondy

    Help wiring omex

    I know i need the amp i just took that off to see the pins in the picture and as for why im modding it is for flames 🔥 oh and the stock rev limiter is boring 🙏
  2. Bondy

    Help wiring omex

    Hi I have just bought a twin coil omex and having trouble wiring it up, I have tried to wire it to the correct wires from the user manual but i later found out on omex's site you have to go to the true coil negatives, Anyone know which pins are the negatives? Thanks
  3. Not sure about that because i cant see any signs of where its coming from, its dry everywhere except the rear passenger side footwell 😕 And dont think the boot does 🤔
  4. No pop outs or sunroof forgot to mention that sorry
  5. Did you find where the leak was coming from i have the same issue but i know it isnt the rear washer pipe for me because i have removed it and still leaking in
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