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  1. Hi wonder if anyone can help me my lupo has been sat around for awhile as waiting to pass my test when I went to check on it the other day I noticed a puddle of water on the floor behind the front passengers seat. Anyone else had this issue or know how it's happened. Many thanks James 20170301_145039.mp4
  2. Haha I never even thought about doing that. I'm not doing well today ?. 1j3881633b - passengers side handle 1j3881634B - drivers side handle If anyone needs to ever order them there's the part numbers for each side. Thank rich for that information feel like a numpty now haha
  3. OK thanks for the reply. Would've thought they would of labeled them to which side there for but no such luck .
  4. Hi all Just after a little helpaper I just brought a lupo and the seat tilt handles are missing from the passenger side and the drivers side one just pulls off I've brought a pair of new handles just unsure how they fit. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers James
  5. Hi all I'm James I'm from Devon and just got my first lupo. I've been around the vw world for a while now as me and my dad used to restore and show older stuff and it has always been my goal to own a lupo and recently got a 1999 bright green lupo 1.4e. Just wanted to drop by and say hello .
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