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  1. Yes that’s the one is it ok if that bung is missing or should I try and get one
  2. I fancy a set of bbs I see a guy on e bay selling loads of them he’s called retro wheels he has these for sale wondering if they will fit ect price is £179 plus carriage rims only BBS model 473 alloys size: 15" stud pattern: 4x100mm offset: ET 456 wide center bore: 57,1 mm
  3. Today I had car back after having new clutch cable fitted and after me looking over the job I notice wear the cable connects onto the gearbox lever just on the inside of this lever I notice two holes which I can see a cog I’ve never noticed this before should there be covers fitted or grommets or is this normally
  4. Jumped in my car today and pressed clutch pedal down and heard a clunk and pedal was floppy first of all I though pedal box issue but after garage looking They soon discovered the clutch cable snapped
  5. Hi all I have a lupo 1.7Sdi which has central locking and also when I open the door with key I have option for windows to open and close but I only have the key not a puss button fob so is there any way I can go from key to push button key
  6. Darran


    Managed to do air filter I found I had enough room without drilling a hole the old filter wasn’t looking the best so are there any other easy jobs I can do to clean up the engine I’ve done oil and filter and all other filters I have Also today taken trumpets off and clean all of them and the box ect I did atempt the EGR valve but the alley key bolt seams rounded slightly so I’ll get a good quality alley key to try it again
  7. Darran


    Next job air filter change any info tips or link to this job be great
  8. Fixed it was module thanks guys and only got charged £30 great now interior light comes on and off from door key now and led flashing on door pin again
  9. First tank fuel I had 360 miles that’s without pushing button and most of miles are local runs not much distance per run so works out 127.9 per litre £34 a tank 360 miles =61 mpg
  10. Oh that’s interesting that button is it ok to press every time I fill up and is it located by fuel cap thanks for info on that
  11. Hi all just wounding if anybody has done or can it be done anyway my lupo 1.7 Sdi runs smooth but when waiting at traffic lights ect or in neutral the vibration off engine is noticeable the idle is just below 1000rpm but if I push accelerator so it’s on 1000rpm it feels better so has anybody adjusted it to idle at 1000rpm can it be done just woundered and also would it affect other things then ?
  12. Oh I looked at video and decided to leave it alone lol especially park you take door handle off ect I’ll book it in local garage 😂
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