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  1. Darran

    1.7SDI S Miles on full Tank New owner

    Oh that’s interesting that button is it ok to press every time I fill up and is it located by fuel cap thanks for info on that
  2. Hi all I’m new owner of lupo 1.7Sdi S I just filled tank up took about £35 just woundering what range people generally get out of a full Tank I have noticed fuel gauge moves down from top quick for first quarter lol
  3. Darran

    sunroof leak

    Prob next step would be take headliner completely out and also after advice on rear drain points do I need to take rear bumper off to locate them all advice really grateful and when I eventually get it sorted it may help others lol
  4. Darran

    sunroof leak

    Hi rich if it’s parked uphill all is good but if on downhill that’s when it starts or after being left on flat all day if I turn left into roundabout it’s ok bit if I turn right then water trickles out of front left corner or brake hard at downhill junction
  5. Darran

    sunroof leak

    Well I just got in car and it’s been dripping in same corner so I got home opened sunroof up and feed a wire each side and all is clear I then filled the tray up and tested each side with water and all ran out of A pillar drain points great also no leaks on corner headliner now I’m really confused lol it’s testing me I also poured water on top of screen also on the sunroof with no leaks in that corner but when that car has been standing all day in rain and I turn right the left corner drops water which has built up somewhat mmm After doing the above I drove car and when I braked at junction it dropped water again from that corner are there drain holes at the rear or any other drain tunes anything else I can check next
  6. Darran

    Lupo central locking issue

    Regarding the EGR when you say on list of jobs do you mean take off and clean
  7. Darran

    sunroof leak

    I’ve cleaned my drain hole and tested and water drains out of drain point as in picture about the leak I’ve found is the underside of sunroof black plastic tray towards the inner sunroof the front left corner towards top inner tray situated above the front blue drain pipe anybody know if water should in first place be on top inner tray if so does this side of tray drain. Off to back drain holes sorry anout decription when I say top of tray it’s the part when you open sunroof it’s the first bit of tray you see and the lower part is towards windscreen if this helps lol
  8. Darran

    Lupo central locking issue

    Yeah got cam belt job booked in next week I’ll mention other jobs to
  9. Darran

    Lupo central locking issue

    Hi all just woundering if there are any good contacts to do jobs on my lupo in S Wales valleys area as idd like to get this door module replaced and prob few other jobs in future
  10. Really good. Condition GT Avalanche 2.0 mountain bike front suspension just serviced new cables ect £200 pick up only can meet up Cardiff Swansea area
  11. Darran

    Lupo central locking issue

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F131707884117 is this what I need to stay with lol
  12. Darran

    Slight leak left corner headliner

    Hi rich I just had headliner back down I double checked the drain pipe and all clear I did find a leak Which seems to drip from front corner of the black sunroof tray just on the inside corner by the blue drain pipe close to wear the sunroof wind bar screw is located if you can work out west I am lol i tried some double tape on it but no god so for now I used grease fingers crossed for now untill I find a permanent solution
  13. Darran

    Lupo central locking issue

    Just tried passenger side to lock and unlock and that side works it even sets the red LED light to work on drivers side door pin so does this mean to fix it I need a drivers side module

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