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  1. When im trying to be aconomic as possiblr i can gey 5.5l/100km... there is a problem somewere. After changing oil, checking vnt,, changing sparkplugs and accumulator and fuel filter i hope i get better resulys
  2. Yes with egr, but there is no smoke behind and power looks fine i think. My computer shows 6.5l average usage while im driving in city.
  3. I have changed new coolant temperature sensor and wheel bearings is ok. I need to check VNT. If it is bad how can i fix it?
  4. I have changed air filter one week ago. I havent checked VNT. I have bought new glow plugs, oil and oil filter. And now i need to change it
  5. And i forgot to mention that, this car has a bad fuel economy. It uses 6.5-7l/100km diesel. Does the fuel filter have a huge impact?
  6. Hello, i have a lupo 3L 1.2TDI and it have a average 6.5L/100km fuel consumption. I have changed air filter. Engine sounds fine to me. Can someone help me, what should i check to fix this issue?
  7. Hello, I have a VW lupo 3L and i have a problem with start up. It starts only with the cold engine. Abs ant parking brake lights are blinking. And another issue when I drive it, it doesnt run faster than 80km/h it just locks and only on cold engine the power is fine and i can go faster, but when it warm up it lose power.
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