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  1. I've bought a new relay to replace in my arosa 1.0. when going to change relay 109, I can't seem to find it where the other relays are. Am I suppose to replace the 109 relay with another relay? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Any suggestions appreciated
  2. before modifying it, give it a service. Change oil, filters etc. After that install some coilovers. You can get budget coilovers for around £200. Then get some aftermarket wheels, wind deflectors, rear wiper delete, Get a sunstrip on, get a little boot spoiler if yours doesn't have one already, tint the rear windows, stubby Ariel, LED number plate lights, Camebridge rear lights, the list goes on.
  3. try and adjuts it more. When i had my new pedal box fitted, my biting point was almost all the way up and i had to adjust it loads. Failing that i would replace the clutch.
  4. I use a cherrybomb exhaust and it sounds decent for what it is.
  5. Im currently running a stock cat, removed the midbox and replaced it with a pipe, and a cherrybomb exhaust on the back. Pretty loud and pops and burbles.
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