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  1. Paid enough lol. I know he only paid 165,000 yen for her. He more than doubled it. Had a few issues with her juddering. Like she was bogging. Changed distributor, spark plugs and fuel filter. Seems to have been ok since *touch wood* Had her steam cleaned to try get rid of the smell, didn't really help and just f**ked my headliner in the process which is now on my get fixed list ?
  2. Hello from sheffield!! Finally have my Lupo! 1.6 GTI. Wanted for at least 7 years and now I have her. Yes she's female. Aren't all cars? Cost money and nothing but trouble lol. She's called Leiko. Japanese for arrogant (my little import). So hello from me Lauren (lol) and Leiko (lupo). Needs a few little bits doing on her. Need to tackle the headlining at some point. Just had it steam cleaned and the fabric has dropped on one side ? (previous owner was a smoker so trying to get rid of that. Any tips?) Would like a new steering wheel and few cosmetic bits, she's pretty standard though at the mo.
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