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  1. ruairi

    Brake light comes on with clutch?? *HELP*

    Will give that a go asap
  2. ruairi

    Brake light comes on with clutch?? *HELP*

    I think so Rich, trying my hardest not to blame myself
  3. ruairi

    Brake light comes on with clutch?? *HELP*

    Will have to have a proper look when I'm back with the car, a friend suggested the idea of some flex in the pedal box also. I doubt it could be flex as I'm trying to be gentle with the clutch pedal after the pain of changing the pedal box. With the hidden light, hopefully by next this time year I'll have the light sorted and the tape out, glad it got through before the new manual though.
  4. Hi all, I'm new here. Recently changed the pedal box on my loop, all has been well since. Car flew though it's MOT today, on the way home I noticed that the brake light was coming on with depressing the clutch pedal. I'm assuming it's an issue with the brake pedal switch?? Prior to MOT I had noticed the EPC light was on (was on before the pedal box was changed though so wasn't concerned) so I took apart the cluster and hide it with some well placed electrical tape. The brake lights are still working fine. Anyone have a fix to this/experienced it before?? Any advice welcome

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