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  1. Prestonese

    2001 Black GTI 87k

    Thanks - though given these cars aren't the last word in speed it's sort of here nor there for me which gets to 60 quicker. I was more angling for feedback for feel and engagement so the clutch comment made by the OP is probably more interesting to me.
  2. Prestonese

    2001 Black GTI 87k

    Bit late to the party but I wished I'd joined the forum sooner as this one would have been perfect for me. How did you find the 5 speed one compared to the new one you have now? I assume it must be 6 speed?
  3. Prestonese

    Lupo GTI

    Hi Wanted: Lupo GTI - preferably unmodded. Milage is not a problem as long as the car has a good service history and in good condition. I am based in London but am willing to travel for the right car. I've seen some dealer cars which are about 5000-6000 for 60k miles which are not that interesting to me but if you have something priced below this which has been reasonably well kept then I would be interested! I'm looking for a fun runaround which can be used in the city and also for some fun blasts from time to time so large exhausts and modded suspensions are of no interest to me. Hope to hear from some of you soon! thanks Prestonese
  4. Prestonese

    New Member - LUPO GTI WANTED

    Hi I'm new on here and recently sold my Z4MR and am looking for something small and fun for the time being. I've always wanted one of these when I was a student so now is a good chance to get into one whilst there are still some around. Is there anyone on here looking to sell? Preferably a standard, unmodded car which has a good service history. Mileage is not a problem as long as the car is in good condition. Thanks!

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