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  1. sifty

    Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I've owned many used imported Japanese vehicles. They're pretty common in my country. My Lupo GTI is one. If I was going to stereotype them: - No service history. Most Japanese people don't plan on owning a car more than a few years, so the kind of preventative maintenance we would think normal, they probably won't do. - Lots of damaged vehicles. If its late model and being exported already, it has probably been crashed. On older stuff it's actually the opposite. If a car is over 15 years old and still going, it has probably been well looked after. - Stereo's and Sat Nav in Japanese... - Resale will never be the same. Though it's funny to note that in New Zealand if you had 3 identical vehicles: NZ new, Japanese import and UK import. The UK import will be always worth the least. NZ new the most.
  2. sifty

    Sifty's red GTI

    German Bug eye crew
  3. sifty

    Sifty's red GTI

    Thanks guys. The MD headunit is a cool feature. The guy I bought it off gave me a folder of old MDs that a friend of his had given him - that sounds good, but she was a gym instructor so it's mostly a collection of music you would've heard in a workout class circa 2000. MK2 - Sounds like it's been a while since you visited here. A lot of people don't know what a Lupo is, but Polo's are very common and were sold new here from the mid '90s I think. We don't have the crazy tariffs anymore so cars are relatively affordable now. Due to all the used Japanese imports we still have a relatively old average fleet age though. We got rid of that stupid priority right turn rule in 2012 Cheers. Yes it's a Jap import. I don't think I've seen a UK import here, which is the only other option. I have the towing eye covers on order and the only other thing I really need cosmetically is a new shift boot. I've heard there is one of these in a breakers yard near me, I'll have to go and see what's left on it.
  4. sifty

    Sifty's red GTI

    Hey all, Here's some pics of the Lupo GTI we just picked up. It's 100% stock and in pretty good condition for the age and 150,000kms on the clock. Plans are just to tidy up a few little things and keep it as a fun little runabout.
  5. sifty

    New Member from New Zealand.

    Hi guys, Lupos were not officially imported here, but there are quite a few used Japanese import 1.4s and a handful of GTIs. My wife previously owned a green one with the Tim & Tom fabric trim.
  6. sifty

    New Member from New Zealand.

    Thanks for that. It's not Phil's one I think he sold it about 18 months ago? Mine is from Wellington.
  7. Hi there, I'm Simon from New Zealand and I've just purchased a Lupo GTI. We had a 1.4 Lupo a few years ago and so we've hankered for the GTI ever since but they are not at all common down here. We have a couple of Mk1s and new Beetle also. Can anyone point me towards a definitive spec list on how the Lupo GTI differs from the other Lupos? Cheers

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