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  1. Hey guys, my first day on forum and post, so bare with me if im breaking some laws lol. I have a VW Lupo 1.4 2001 plate. I want to do a MAJOR service on it but want to be sure i buy all the proper and correct parts and tools, so if someone could answer my following questions would really appreciate it. 1) Spark plug change - What size spark plug socket is needed to remove the spark plugs / Does it need to be a deep socket or will regular size work? 2) Engine oil - What grade do i need / How many litres? / Bit of a toughh one but does anyone also know what VW specification number (usually on back of oil bottle) i should be using 3) Oil filter - appears to come with a hex adaptor attached to it (when looking at pictures) to help sockets remove it. does anyone know what size socket it is? 3) Oil sump nut - Does anyone know what size socket is needed for the bolt on the sump. If there are any tips or tricks people may want to warn me about when doing these jobs please feel free to help me making mistakes Sorry for all the questions but if anyone could help it would be great. thanks
  2. everson38

    Lupo Full service - need some tech answers

    hey rich thanks for getting back to me. i couldnt quite get your last bit, switch out the ??? green pas?? if you could explain that bit again. thanks
  3. everson38

    Club lupo app

    This is an old thread, but how do you get this mobile version of club lupo on your phone? thank you. first post ever

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