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  1. Newlupo1

    throttle cable

    ok thanks. i guess then. its reachable with the panel removed..will have another go as i was unable to see the start of the cable from being upside down
  2. Newlupo1

    throttle cable

    Hi everyone. got a slight problem with my 1ltr 99plate lupo. I need to change the throttle cable as its too far stretched for the adjustment. I have already got a new cable to swap with. How much of the internal panels and dash do i need to take off to get to the accelerator pedal to remove the cable? advice and help much appreciated.
  3. Newlupo1

    Lupo Throttle cable/gas pedal loose

    sorry for not being more specific.. the cable also getting to the accelerator pedal.
  4. Newlupo1

    Lupo Throttle cable/gas pedal loose

    how did it go? would be great for any advice as i need to change the throttle cable on my 1ltr
  5. Newlupo1

    Fuel cap on lupo!

    My one just keeps spinning help

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