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  1. Thanks for that Kieran - very helpful. I'm not feeling very well, but I had a quick look yesterday afternoon. I managed to unclip the left side front one just with my fingers - but it broke - it may have been so already. There was a reference elsewhere to the clips usually breaking because of 'plastic fatigue'. I looked at the front right and the one at the back. I couldn't manage them, but wasn't up to doing more with a screwdriver. As soon as I feel a bit better, I'll be there with a screwdriver and a light. I found a video on the web yesterday that said it was for battery removal: it did no more than show where the battery was! I also found a Haynes link which provided the steps for removing the battery - at a cost of £1.99 (or £5.99 for as many as you wanted in a year) except the link were dead!
  2. Rich - thanks for that, but what do you do/remove before you wiggle it out. You will see Pete has drawn my attention to a posting on the VV/Audi forum. Perhaps I have confused what is there. My real question is how do you lift the top assembly with the fuses and relays off the battery before getting to the battery itself?
  3. Thanks for that, but in my case it is rather more complicated! I suffer from something called bronchiectasis, resulting from whooping cough and pneumonia back in 1943. Half of my right lung removed in 1956: it doesn't get any better with advancing years, but we plod on.
  4. Thanks for that Pete. I'm struggling with a bad chest and breathing problems at the moment. I'll investigate as soon as I can.
  5. I don't think that you can wiggle the battery out. The plastic goes down the sides of the battery. Of course there is no Haynes manual to help us, but I understand that the Polo 2002-2009 has the same floor pan and under bonnet set-up. Perhaps I shall have to buy the Haynes for that and see if it is of help. Can anyone, please, confirm that the Polo has these similarities?
  6. Our 2010 Fox 1.4 needs a new battery. I have been motoring since 1964. I've changed many batteries since then - never gone to the garage for the job. However, there is a plastic 'platform' over the battery with the relays and fuses. There is no obvious way of removing that. Can anyone, please, advise? I want the cheapest top quality battery available, but not at garage/battery station prices!
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