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  1. just got your pm but thought i'd just reply back. you defo need adjustable coil overs if your putting 17's on. This will be fine for everyday use trust me 30mm is just not worth doing anymore than filling the car with people it will hardly look to of budged. If its not at least 100mm you'll be well disappointed with it. Have you collected your car yet?!
  2. How funny the manager hs just rung me telling me not to worry he knows what the problem is and its Water Retention?!?!? I might be female but I'm not stupid how can water retention be involved when you can see the metal bonnet under the the paint on one side. What an idea.
  3. Well taking mine back in an hour or so and there giving me a courtesy car whilst the problem is resolved joy.
  4. I've just rung them and their ringing me back after they've spoke to the manager there, its my third volkswagen bought brand new off them so there trying not to upset me lol. I just want it to be right it and apparently under that SMMT regulations that they have to adear to now it should be perfect and if not they have to take it back just as if you've bought a tv and its damaged they exchange it. Jillx
  5. that answers my question then I'm not getting it resprayed it should be a brand new car with no faults. Bought a new polo and had no bother but this ones a pain. style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":angry:" border="0" alt="mad.gif" /> Thankyou for your help guys though
  6. Thats what I'm worried about but apparently if I refuse to have it resprayed I have to wait 6 months for the next delivery to the UK of fox's which I think is a load of crap but I cant argue. although surely they have to give me a car to run round in?!? What a farse
  7. Need to use the fountain of knowledge thats on here. I've just bought a new volkswagen and when it came it the bonnet hadn't been sprayed correctly. So I've told volkswagen and there going to re spray it will this show up on the cars history?!? Should I demand another brand new one or will it be ok. Help please style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":confused:" border="0" alt="confused.gif" />
  8. I'll be there camping saturday night cant wait hope weather is ok sounds like it will be raining but I'm hopeful it won't ?!??!?!
  9. FoxyJW


    I'm putting 14 inch deep dish on. And as for coilovers just got this advice and prices from G werks:- Weitec Hicon GT which lists lowering between 30-60mm (will go lower) - £475 inc VAT. Weitec are owned by KW who are a very big name when it comes to suspension and are top quality, they offer Weitec to compete in the lower priced market without compromising quality. KW Varient 1 which lists lowering between 35-70mm (will go lower) - £621 inc. VAT. KW Suspension as mentioned before are very well known and having originally stemmed from Motorsport the quality they offer is second to none. Unlik
  10. FoxyJW


    Excellent I'll get some ordered. x
  11. I am soon to be a new owner of a fox it arrives monday so it should be at the next dub preservation but unfortunatly not soon enough for wales this weekend. Hope to meet you all soon never dared come on here before as my last one was a polo. x
  12. FoxyJW


    Please help, I get my new fox next monday and wanted to get it lowered straight away can you tell me where you bought yours from and how much it was. Jillx
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