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  1. Could just use a soldering iron and heat up the plastic welds so they melt again and pull everything apart , then when you're ready to put it all back together again just do it again, just heat up the plastic along the edges where things meet with a soldering iron and make you're own welds shouldn't need any plastic weld rods just spread the plastic across the gap as it melts to join it , do it in a well ventilated place if you can though because it will bloody stink ??
  2. Alright nice one guys, will give it a try ?
  3. Hi all, just bought a little lupo as a project but the instrument cluster has a crack in the glass / plastic, (whatever it is) and it is getting on my nerves seeing it all the time, does anyone know if it is possible to swap the glass around from a second hand cluster to my one or if it is worth just getting a new complete unit and if so will all the mileage data change or will it update with my cars mileage as soon as I plug it in? Any help appreciated ?
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