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  1. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo 1.7 SDi MOT: Expires 9 July 2018 Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: This is my daughters 1999 Lupo 1.7SDi in Soft Blue with 162298 miles on the clock. (Will obviously go up as it is driven) Comes with alloys, electric windows and remote central locking. This was fitted because a previous owner had the drivers door lock changed at some point. Consequently it needed 2 keys to drive it. One to get in and the other to start the car. Not ideal. Now you only need the one. Body condition is pretty good, usual stone chips, scratches and nicks as you would expect for a car of this age. The seats have all been changed with the rear changed to the split rear seat option rather than the original bench seat option, but I still have all the parts and seats that can go with it if wanted. Since my daughter has owned the car (August 2015) it has had the following done: 4 new tyres, still look new with plenty of tread New back box New pads, and disks on the front. New airbag clockspring. New rear shocks New cam belt and auxiliary belt at 157522 miles on the 26 Aug 2015 Drives really well, still pulls hard and still good on mileage. Lovely car. Location: Exmouth, Devon Images: Price: £650
  2. onlyslightlymad

    Cylinder head cover breather for sdi

    Looking for a cylinder head cover breather hose for a 1.7l diesel, part number 028103493AA, as in part 25 in the link below. http://www.partsbase.org/vw/lupo-lupo-3l-tdi-lu-eu-1999-10345-cylinder-head-cylinder-head-cover/ Anyone help please?
  3. onlyslightlymad

    Seat Arosa intermittent falut

    Had a similar fault with my daughters Lupo, turned out it was the ignition switch breaking down. Just a thought!
  4. onlyslightlymad

    Lupo gti at 17?

    You might as well save your breath, it's obvious he's not listening any more.
  5. onlyslightlymad

    Noob with head unit swap questions lol :)

    Firstly, if I understand you correctly, you are only changing the head unit? If that is the case, then you don't need to do anything with the amp power wiring. Having said that, it would be wise to trace back the wiring and fuse it as Mobieus said near the battery. Secondly, yes you are right, the blue and white is the remote wire. Just cut off the crimp and strip back and crimp on a new butt crimp. Don't do it like the one in the picture as that has not been done correctly. If you are using the "normal" crimp tool you can buy at Halfords etc then you should crimp once on the metal core to grip the core of the wire and once on the insulation of the crimp to crimp on to the insulation of the wire. Whilst you are at it, I would seriously think about redoing the connections to your amp with proper crimped on forks rather than bare wires. Not sure on the guage of the wires used but you may need yellow crimps for the 12v and ground, blue at the very least. Blue for the remote.
  6. onlyslightlymad

    Lupo gti at 17?

    I like this thread. I was a typical 17 year old, trying to go fast in my old car, but it was a 1974 Vauxhall Viva 1300 and it couldn't go fast. Still caught me out a couple of times though. Now, 32 years later I am still a typical 17 year old at times with 150BHP under my right foot, but I am considerably more experienced than before and that makes a huge difference. When you pass your test you are not a good driver. You have learnt the basics to be safe on the road. Then you will learn how to drive in the years that follow. Do as advised, start small, build up your experience and skill levels and then get yourself something more fun.
  7. onlyslightlymad

    Is The Forum Hacked?

    Looks like the mobile site has been hacked again!
  8. onlyslightlymad

    Door lock help please

    My daughter has just bought a Lupo 1.7 SDi. Happy with it except for one thing. The previous owner had to replace a door lock for some reason and I am assuming a second hand one was fitted as it is a different key to the other door and the ignition. As far as I can tell, the door locks are handed but are the lock barrels interchangeable from side to side? My thought was to swap the locks left to right so she can use just one key for the door and ignition. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. onlyslightlymad

    Door lock help please

    That was my second thought, I've done that to all my aircooled VWs.

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