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  1. id love some info on this.........looking to do mine as well
  2. I know this is a long dead topic,but did anyone do anything ?Just getting ready to convert my 1.4 petrol to a 1.7 sdi (please i know its cheaper to buy one but i have access to all the bits).Would ideally like to go tdi as i have a 1z complete but this looks interesting with a turbo on the sdi....
  3. still fancy it though,but sound like more hassle than its worth.....probably going to go the rough route with an sdi then
  4. Thanks for the quick honest reply,I just don't like the 3 cylinder engine personally .what about an earlier mk4 TDI golf?
  5. Hi guys,just joined and had my Lupo for maybe a day now........not a big petrol fan and kind of fell into a deal with it,but i really fancy a 1.9tdi version.Not looking for massive power or anything silly..have access to a mates scrappy and he has an arosa sdi if needed and a 2000 ibiza tdi with the 1z in it....any idea of the problems id face? And yes im sure its not worth doing but hey ho i want to
  6. Well hello everyone,just feel I should say that im old,and i feel too old for my first Lupo (1.4s 2000 in black and waaaaaaay to low) at 38. Long time vw lover.Mainly a fan of golfs but now we have a mk5 gt tdi that i hate.Swapped my rough as rats caddy van for the lupo...... Thats about it really..oh yeah im an Openreach engineer
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