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  1. Thanks to everyone for your compliments. I'm including the original wheels in the sale for the full asking price.
  2. I’m selling my pride and joy. A genuine UK Lupo GTI, registered 5th May 2005, in excellent condition with only 55k miles on the clock. In Reflex Silver, 6-speed, with factory fitted upgrades of air conditioning, heated front seats, and electric sunroof. The service book has 15 stamps – one for every year since new – either VW main dealer or VW specialist. Service record: - 2006 – 3,457 miles – VW - 2007 – 7,253 miles – VW - 2008 – 9,925 miles – VW - 2009 – 11,789 miles – VW - 2010 – 14,046 miles – VW -
  3. I did the very same thing the other day! - spotted a stunning looking Lupo GTI in my local supermarket car park and popped a note under the wiper blade asking them to call me if they ever wanted to sell. It may seem cheeky but I bought my house using a similar tactic - a letterbox drop. I've been looking for a clean example for months, scanning the adverts and making enquiries, travelling across the country to view etc. They are rare, especially in Cornwall, and finding one that's been well looked after (both mechanically and aesthetically) seems almost impossible. There is nothing suspicious
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