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    2001 Lupo GTI
  1. cybrid3

    Help with Lupo Wipers/washers not working

    problem solved. had to go through fuses one by one but found the culprit
  2. Hi guys, Can someone help me please. When I used my car yesterday all was fine. When I woke up this morning, there was some ice on the windscreen. The wipers/washers were not working at all so I put it down to the cold. Now its normal temp outside and they still aint working. Front, rear, or washers. Nothing on the drivers right side stalk is working. Can someone help me to locate the correct fuses as my diagram is missing. I have tried searching but keep getting different answers. Is there also a fuse to check under the bonet or is it that my stalk is just dead? All help muchly apreciated
  3. cybrid3

    Noob from south wale

    Me too, Swansea here
  4. cybrid3

    pulling away not smooth + starter noise

    My GTI suffers the exact same problems. I park in a multi story every day and the noise is quite funny to me but people on the outside really dont get whats going on! The cold "jumpiness" is just something I have learnt to live with
  5. cybrid3

    Lupo picture thread

  6. cybrid3

    White GTi

    Thats stunning! How much was the wrap if you dont mind me asking?
  7. Checked the fuse and its ok. I am starting to think, is there a relay for it? As if I can hear a ticking behind the dash somewhere and if I jiggle the fusebox, sometimes the light will momentarily come on. So its def not a fuse. Still no power to the light or the stereo tho
  8. My interior light doesn't work at all. Is there a fuse for it as I cant seem to find it? It doesn't work on the doors or manually. May have something to do with my stereo no longer getting power? can anyone shed some light so to speak?
  9. Hi guys, Wondering if someone can help me. Fitted an aftermarket stereo to my car and its been great for a few days. Now when I turned the car on today there is no power going to the stereo. I have tried the stereo in another car and it works fine. I can hear the fan prime when you first connect the iso leads but no lights or display etc. The fuse looks fine. Any help much appreciated
  10. cybrid3

    New member from South Wales

    Down in Swansea mateys
  11. cybrid3

    New member from South Wales

    Hi guys, After over a decade of wanting one, have finally picked up a Lupo GTI. My brother is well into his VW's but this is my first really. Looking forward to being a member here and enjoying the car and the community

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