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  1. On an 06 fox does anyone know if the black door trim is glued on or pinned on? I want to remove it altogether but if its pinned on and will have holes I will just paint them. Cheers
  2. Amp is bolted to my rear seat and cable goes just behind the seatbelt tensioner.
  3. Hi guys. Obvs got a fox. It has the colour coded bumpers not the horrible black ones!! But the little bits of black trim that are at the very bottom, do you think it would look good to spray those a gloss/metallic black rather than the unpainted black? The rest if the car is silver so I actually don't mind the black parts, in fact I'm quite find of them, but do you think it would look ok? Along with those I would also do the mirror surround and the door strips. Again both black as standard so wouldn't look out of place but will be shiny so will be noticeable. What do you think???
  4. I'm praying I get a tax rebate in the next month coz I will be doing both in a heartbeat. Those wheels ain't that nice. I don't really know what I'm looking for fitmant wise I just want some sexy 5 spokes.
  5. Hi guys, I currently drive a vw fox (yes it's silver) I'm looking at getting some alloys, Dezent panik in 17". Within budget and personal preference as i think they will look sweet. 2 things, will they fit? And, anything else you can recommend I do to the car? I've already got things like a stereo and sound set up. Looking at getting rid of the black strips on the sides too. I want to lower it but that's another story . Cheers guys.
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