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  1. totally forgot about updating this thread. Lupo is now on VW Starlites, Gti interior and a new engine. Not the gti engine but a fully rebuilt low mileage engine. It has changed a lot
  2. Mine did this.. Oil starvation problem. Caused my engine to seize and blow up! I'm not sure what specifically it can be but could be the oil pump/blocked oil pickup
  3. Mine did the exact same, They never sit straight so they are always under a bit of tension. I will look to see if I have a receipt and a part number as it was only last month!
  4. Bought a polo gti engine. Arriving at the end of the week . Going to be a fun conversion
  5. Looked on the forum for answers but cant seem to find anyone having done this before? Basically my AFK engine has blown up.. Don't want to touch another AFK as the problems have been non stop with my 60k engine. So I'm wondering what's different to change apart from the newer AUB engine having an egr valve on it. Basically its replacing the old sport engine with the newer sport engine so I'm not too sure how many differences there are? I have seen the older AFH engine been put in a Lupo but not into the sport, so does anyone know if there are any major differences between them; as I cant see the only engine that is plug and play apart from the polo gti engine which is hard to believe for me. Anyway if anyone can recommend what I should do or tell me what engines are just plug and play apart from the original engine then i would appreciate that. Thanks
  6. Cheers, yeah well me and my dad are thinking of the best option. We have a friend who is a vw master technician so he is going to help us source a good engine. Cant believe my luck to be honest
  7. Will like to see how this turns out
  8. It will have to be the wheels, just cant decide on a unique colour. It was unfortunately although I saved a lot of money in petrol!
  9. Trying to think of something to brighten it up, unsure of what though! Haha, Well from going from a 1.0 litre polo with tracker insurance so I couldn't go over the speed limit, stay out late or corner hard/fast. I'm bound to have a little fun it in . Sure I will get some photos for you tomorrow
  10. Very happy . Well it seems like the power is very sudden mid range all the way rev limiter compared to what it was like before. Did have to do loads of miles before I could put my foot down though which was annoying! Are you still looking for wheels as I can get pictures of the standard alloys tomorrow if you like?
  11. Finally the Lupo is back on the road . Running fine, But now its all good. Just got to look after the engines and not give them too much abuse! A few photos after getting it back!
  12. wow got a talent in making designs
  13. I had my polo for a year with no mods. Now that I have my Lupo I have started modding and declaring everything down to the smallest mods. Trust me. wait and have it all legal you wont regret it
  14. True haha. Looks like all the work to my engine is going to be done in the next couple of weeks decided on getting the head skimmed to change the compression a little Then the valve stem seals and valve guides and all gaskets and other seals are going to be done! All in all a lot of work just to get the engine running a bit sweeter before the summer!
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