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  1. On the plus side just measured the front pads and they are 6mm ... they SHOULD be in contact with the discs right? The discs were pretty hot after a 30 min drive through town though ... I could still bare to touch them for a second though ...
  2. So the past couple of days I've thought the car felt really heavy on acceleration. I've been conviced the brakes are sticking. So today I knocked on the rear brake housing with a hammer and the car definitely felt less heavy afterwards. Only bugger I now get is that when i release the brake (I do have to be under power though, in neutral on a flat road it doesn't happen) I get a small squeak. The teenager assures me its coming from the driver side rear wheel. Anyone got any ideas what that could be? Do i need to get the rear brakes replaced? I have recently had the rear suspension replaced but i never noticed it before the car started feeling heavy and i did the hammer thing (they used to creak a bit first thing in the morning though!) ...
  3. **** dude ... check out your local Formula one autocenter would be my suggestion then
  4. So does the engine cut out when in full lock? Because mine does that (only when cold it seems). If i full lock (though only to the left) then the engine seems to stall. I have no other problems with it and the old dear who gave it to me said she'd had the problem as long as she could remember ...
  5. Should also say that I had the ATF changed and its definitely running nicer ... no jolts on gear changes anymore ... I can now feel the gear change through my left foot but nothing like as bad as it was. I'm thinking, though, that it sounds a bit whinier when i put my foot down but I dunno if thats A) Paranoia or How its supposed to sound and it just hasn't sounded right for the 6 months i've had the thing
  6. So I also received my Vagcom today ... I checked the ATF and it was complaining about intermittent communication so i cleared it ... and no other fault codes came up ... I hope thats good news Anyway .. i was wondering if i could check the ABS and engine info and neither would respond. Is there an "idiots guide" to vagcom around anywhere?
  7. Certain things I'll do ... but not that ... Ill fail to put it back together correctly
  8. Its a bit of a trek to Newport with one broken coil and a leaking shock absorber though Btw, finally found someone who will drain and replace my ATF ... they're quoting £81.60 ... is that high? Alas, though, there appears to be noone else in Oxford who will do it for me (short of the VW garage, and I'd wager they'd discover that my whole transmission is shot and needs to be replaced )
  9. And sorry, just looked up my receipt .. he originally said it was be £450 .. but it was actually £380 for all of the above ...
  10. Well that wasn't just for the rear suspension, that was both rear coils and shock absorbers being replaced, a general service and an MOT ...
  11. One thing I found while reading around is that if the ATF heats up too much (a sign of fluid that needs replacing) then it starts to slip as the fluid is no longer lubricating properly ... so that would fit my issue. Can't be 100% sure thats the problem though ... i'll be miffed if the auto gearbox has gone though .. just spent £450 getting new rear suspension and stuff for its MOT
  12. Cheers dude, ill get it looked at and have ordered a vagcom cable .. will report back with any findings
  13. I would wager, having read around, that it has never been changed ... Is it really likely to cause problems when the engine is hot if the transmission fluid is low though? My, very limited, understanding is that it would be bad when the engine is cold ...
  14. Not yet. Looking at buying one at the moment as it happens. Anyone in the Oxford area got one I could plug into and check the state of it?
  15. Hi all, I have a 2000 VW Lupo 1.4 Auto. Its been running fine up until a week back. At that point I was driving round the M25 (I'd been on the road over an hour at this point) at about 65-70 when suddenly my revs dropped down and I lost power for a second. A second later the revs were back up and it was driving fine. After leaving the motorway I noticed that it was refusing to switch into highest gear for some reason. I got home and left it till the next day. The next day it was driving round fine selecting gears as normal. I had to do another trip round the M25 and, again, after about an hour it did the same thing to me. It did it one more time before I'd finished the 100 miles. Again, though, the next day on a shorter journey it was fine. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? Cheers!
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