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  1. how much is it lowered? how much was the suspension kit? have just fitted some g60 steel wheels and the suspension just needs to sit a little lower but don't want it really low like most lupo's with lowered kits fitted
  2. Hi, I used to work at a VW main dealer. The tyres rub because the standard tyre size should be 205/45 r15. If you had 195/45 r15 they would not rub, i think poeple fit 195/50 r15 because the tyres are alot cheaper but they will rub because the 50 section of the tyre is too fat and can rub on the inner wheel arch/suspension. The only tyre manufacturer i can find that make 205/45 r15 is dunlop but the cheapest quotes i can get for those tyres are £115 per tyre. If anyone knows a cheaper make, let me know.
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