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  1. petep

    Pics with Bilstein B12 kit fitted

    how much is it lowered? how much was the suspension kit? have just fitted some g60 steel wheels and the suspension just needs to sit a little lower but don't want it really low like most lupo's with lowered kits fitted
  2. petep

    GTi Bathurst Tyre Size

    Hi, I used to work at a VW main dealer. The tyres rub because the standard tyre size should be 205/45 r15. If you had 195/45 r15 they would not rub, i think poeple fit 195/50 r15 because the tyres are alot cheaper but they will rub because the 50 section of the tyre is too fat and can rub on the inner wheel arch/suspension. The only tyre manufacturer i can find that make 205/45 r15 is dunlop but the cheapest quotes i can get for those tyres are £115 per tyre. If anyone knows a cheaper make, let me know.

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