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  1. So when I bought my lupo there was a build up of break dust, so vw fitted a new set of breaks. But that didn't solve the issue of the squeaking, so on my next service I made them leak them out; that didn't work as its still squeaking now. only difference is that the breaks don't squeak when I press down on the pedal but when I realise it. Anyone else had this problem or could help me? also I do have enough break fluid
  2. ah ok, think thats cutting it a bit fine. need to save a little bit more for my coilover kit.. then got to find something to fit it for me for cheap
  3. when is the next meet? as im not doing any meets until my loop is at least lowered haha
  4. ta-dah it didn't turn up! so disappointed only want to start work on Lilo
  5. yeah ive seen that looking through the forum, majority of modified lupo's are in the south east. which is a bit sucky
  6. ok so i know my lupo is currently standard but i dont see any modified lupo's around west london at all. if any they are running pretty standard. but surely they have to be some.. if so make yourself known!!
  7. still awaiting my fourth tyre, so disappointed!

  8. ima stick with my little Loop
  9. Has it been serviced recently? Mine did that not that long ago and I sent it to vw to have half service and they sort it out. But I guess anywhere could service it for you
  10. so three of my tyres arrived yesterday so myself and Dr_Barnett are waiting for the 4th one to come today, or else we have a problem. the idiots thinking 3 tyres would be any good!!
  11. im on twitter @tiny_landy and instagram as tiny_landy

  12. so this is my lupo 1.4s in jazz blue, i have had her (Lilo) for a year now but didn't have enough money to start doing any work. since then i had a minor crash so therefore got new number plates which say tiny landy on i bought Lilo for about 3500 and she only had 20k miles on the clock, which i think is pretty decent. since buying her i have replaced the cassette player with a sony headset which set me back a few bob lol, got new brakes as the old ones were full of dust that wouldn't budge and two new tyres. so currently she is running with no mods at all but that is all about to change... i have bought some alloys and wheels off Dr_Barnett off here, only a standard pair but a size bigger than what i have got (up to 14" instead of 13") my plans for Lilo are: 1. buy a coilover kit once new wheels come 2. tint the back windows 3. tint the back lights 4. buy xenon bulbs 5. bonnet bra 6. maybe spray the alloys black 7. debadge the Lupo part and change it to Loop thats it for now, but im welcome to suggestions/recommendations. by the way if you are wondering why she is called Lilo its because i have a Stitch that lives in the car
  13. So I've been an owner of my 04 1.4S Lupo for just over a year now. When I first bought it I knew I wanted to mod it. Problem is money as I'm terrible with saving but now I've got enough to buy my coilover kit, tint the windows and buy new alloys. What I need help with is finding 14/15" alloys plus tyres for roughly £230 not including p&p
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